Nirvana seeds – Zkittlez Autoflower




10 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package


Zkittlez x Ruderalis

Plant type

Mostly Indica

Sex Type



In & Outdoor

Plant height


Average Yield

350 – 450 g/m²

Seed to harvest 11 - 12 weeks Seeds per pack


Product Type


Seed Type








Happy Relaxed Flavor


Spicey Woody Helps with


Depression Stress Grow Difficulty


Label USA Strains THC value

18% – 22%

CBD value

0.1% – 1%

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Zkittlez Autoflower seeds have become a favorite across the world, thanks to her unbelievable terpene profile. She is a big yielding, low maintenance and easy to grow strain, making her a perfect choice for growers looking for something special and for extract artists who want to make cup winning gear. Now you can grow this delicious tasting cultivar multiple times per year outdoors, with little maintenance.

Combined with an energetic, upbeat and creative effect that is ideal for morning until nighttime, and phenomenal terpenes, Zkittlez Autoflower is fast, reliable, sturdy and an excellent performer in hot and cold climates. A must-have for flavor chasers, hash makers, and those who are new to growing autoflowering Cannabis plants both indoors and outdoors.

Zkittlez Autoflower was created after crossing our best autoflower male with our Zkittlez mother plant. The result is a super resilient, medium-sized Cannabis plant that will take 77-84 days from seed. As she is autoflowering, this means it is possible to plant outdoors all year long, depending on the climate.

The Zkittlez Autoflower will grow to a medium height of around 100-120 cm (39-47 inches) when fully mature. A great strain to grow in a Sea of Green where plants are grown closely together in smaller sized pots. Indoors, we advise keeping the light cycle at 12/12 or 18/6 for best results.

Thanks to her medium-sized height, Zkittlez Autoflower can be grown with stealth and is well suited for a sunny terrace or balcony. Plants will begin to flower automatically and produce buds starting from at the end of week 4. Growers who experience a hot climate can plant outdoors from March until November, obtaining multiple harvests.

Fungal resistance
The Auto Zkittlez is more resistant than the photoperiod version, meaning she is able to withstand powdery mildew and mold much better. We advise you to always inspect your buds, especially during the final 2-3 weeks of flowering.

Flowering time
From seed until harvest, Zkittlez Autoflower will take between 11-12 weeks. Under HID lighting, plants will be fully mature in 80 days. If growing indoors, we recommend either a 12/12 or 18/6 lighting regime for best results. During the final 3-4 weeks of flowering is when the strain will pack on the weight.

Depending on where you live, some plants may take longer than others. We recommend planting during May, June, and July for best results with the aim to harvest in early August. Growers who experience a tropical climate will get amazing results when planting from March until November.

Under HID lighting, Auto Zkittlez strains can produce 500 g/m² (1.6 oz per square foot) of dry flower, and require little maintenance. An excellent candidate for SOG as she stays medium height, perfect for anyone with limited height.

She is well worth the wait as the final yields can be 110 grams (4 oz) per plant, making her a commercial growers perfect choice. Depending on the time of year she is planted will determine the potential yield. We recommend planting the seeds in large containers from the middle of May until August if you only plan to grow once during the year.

Plant height & structure
Zkittlez Autoflower is discreet, requires little maintenance and is a beginner growers top choice!

She will grow to a medium height of 100-120 cm (39-47 inches) with a bushy appearance. A great strain for anyone who does not want to have tall plants on display, and requires a short and stealthy plant.

We do not recommend training autoflowering Cannabis plants. We prefer to plant them into large sized containers, such as 50-75 liters (11-17 gallons), and set in a South facing location outdoors.

Smell, taste and effect
Zkittlez Autoflower will taste exactly like the photoperiod version, and fill your mouth with a cocktail of tropical candy that has taken the world by storm in recent years. Her aroma when growing is a sweet and sour, lemon strawberry candy, that tastes like a handful of Zkittlez mixed with a delicious fruity, citrus after-taste.

When smoking a joint, pipe or bong or Zkittlez cannabis, the taste is bold, powerful, and long-lasting, all the way down to the last hit. An extremely complex terpene profile that has been to be tried first hand to be believed. The extracts and hash that this strain makes is truly epic and one of the reason most breeders are crossing Zkittlez into everything,

The effects are well-balanced with a relaxing but energetic and upbeat mindset. Zkittlez is a great way to start the day, that will produce a creative and motivated buzz, allowing you to induce a creative side or get through a day of tasks.

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