Kannabia – Zkit Kandy Dream



Cup Winner


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Indica sativa

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End of september

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3 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package, 10 seeds per package, 25 seeds per package

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How to: Zkit Kandy Dream

As we’ve previously mentioned, it’s one of the easiest of Kannabia’s marijuana seeds to grow. It’s undemanding and will perform just as you expect it to. With a medium distance between nodes, it provides tight, elongated, deep green-coloured buds that are especially loaded with resin and quite suitable for a productive extraction.

We recommend a SOG or LST technique for the greatest benefits; if you want your plant to reach 1.80 meters in height, train it in the flowering phase. You’ll witness the growth of a robust and stable plant with extremely elongated leaves. If you’re an expert grower, you’ll be able to use your pruning skills to control its spread and concentrate on its fruit.

Indoors, it can provide approximately 500 grams per square metre in good conditions; outdoors, it can produce slightly more. But one of the characteristics of the ZKIT Kandy Dream is definitely its homogeneous performance, with no surprises. It’s resistant to pests and desired fertiliser levels. Its flowering phase is between 55 and 60 days and you can harvest it at the end of September.

Taste and effect of ZKIT Kandy Dream

It didn’t acquire its name by chance. We wanted to design a limited-edition feminised marijuana seed with its own original flavour, making the mango flavour of Somango even more tropical and the sweetest reward to end a difficult day. If you’re one of those people searching for the pineapple-flavoured ones in a bag of Starburst, order the Zkit Kandy Dream right now.

This indica variety has just the right depth for a pleasant effect, and to relax the body and mind in just the right measure. It’s also recommended for managing muscle pain as well as other conditions such as glaucoma, ADHD and asthma.

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