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Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic is a powerful and enticing smelling strain, expressing heavy foliage and a wide range of vibrant colours. Dense, sticky, trichome-covered buds shimmer in the light. This is a great plant for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic has a parental lineage that includes OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Face-Off OG.

The growth pattern of Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic

Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic is an indica-dominant hybrid. This genetic influence can be identified in the naturally compact growth of this plant. Expect plenty of lateral branching and tight internodal spacing. Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic will benefit from occasional defoliation to improve airflow within the canopy. Other indica traits can be observed in the morphology, such as sturdy branches and dense buds.

Once gardeners begin the see the female pistils growing from the junctures on upper branches, the flowering period begins. Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic flowers for 55 to 70 days, regardless of light schedule.

The finished height of this plant is predominantly compact, reaching 80 to 100 cm indoors. Outdoors, gardeners can see slightly larger sizes, often around 100 to 120 cm tall. Although Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic is short and stocky, it has many lateral branches to support bud development.

Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic is a medium yielding plant, even compared to photoperiod or feminized varieties. Successful growers will typically harvest 400 to 450 grams per m2 indoors. Outdoors, growers are averaging 200 to 250 grams per plant.

The compact and dense bud formation of Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic helps this plant stack on the weight. A highly photogenic strain, gardeners are rewarded with a plethora of green and purple hues decorating the foliage. Buds are white with frosty trichomes.

Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic flourish outside in a warm, Mediterranean climate for optimal results. Because this strain is an autoflowering strain, indoor plants don’t require common training techniques like SCROG, SOG, Supercropping or Lollipopping. Outdoor plants may require a little support if the bud set becomes too heavy.

Effect, taste, and smell of Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic

Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic may be indica dominant, but the sativa side is not buried in the genetics. The two sides intertwine most when it comes to the complete and balanced effects produced by this strain. The aromatic terpene profile leans more towards the indica influence, but sweet notes also register with closer inspection. Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic has a familiar flavour but with a refreshing new twist.

The onset of effects from Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic is a pleasing and uplifting cerebral high. A warm sense of euphoria kicks off the experience with this hot new strain. Moods are elevated, and the mind is free to ponder beautiful things. While in this meditative state, the indica influences begin to take over. Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic creates a heavy, full-body high, which is a great way to finish the journey with this strain.

Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic seeds produce a pungent-smelling plant during the growth cycle. Smells remain minimal until the second or third week of the flower. At this point, a detectable odour will be present in indoor gardens and floating on the wind around any outdoor gardens. Indoors, it is recommended for cultivators to use air filtration systems to combat smells and help to maintain privacy.

Cultivators will be able to identify the aromas of Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic from across the room. The terpenes practically stick to every molecule of air in confined areas. It is a very pungent strain, which smells of traditionally indica earthiness. When grown well, properly dried and cured buds of Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic will also have a hidden sweetness that can cut through the impressively pungent earthy terpenes.

The flavour profile of Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic is where the indica and sativa influence the best work together in balance. This new strain easily recognizes the sweet and earthy notes that made many Kush strains popular. Where Sweet Tangerine Tango Automatic goes beyond that is with the addition of citrus and floral flavours. These complimentary profiles bring an exciting and mouth-watering new layer of complexity to the standard base flavour palette.

Did you know?

  • Sweet Tangerine Tango parental lineage; OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Face-Off OG have won numerous awards and cups.
  • It’s an ideal low-maintenance strain for first-time growers.
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