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AK-420, or AK420 Feminized crosses Columbian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani landraces into a wonderful new option for the garden and presents a complex terpene profile made up of exotic fruits, floral notes, and pine. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, gardeners of all skill levels can achieve great results. Artistic personalities have been enjoying the creative and cerebral vibes of AK-420 Feminized.

The growth pattern of AK-420 Feminized

AK-420 Feminized is a sativa-dominant strain and is noticeable in the open bud structure, while the indica genetics are most notable in the morphology. AK-420 grows to an average size, with bushy foliage. Featuring medium-sized internodal spacing and heavy leaf set common of indica varieties, this strain benefits from regular defoliation to improve airflow within the canopy.

As AK-420 by White Label Seeds is feminized, there’s no need to worry about male plants taking up precious space in the garden. With a fast-flowering time of 50 to 65, indoor gardeners can finish more than one harvest per year.

AK-420 Feminized finishes as a medium height plant. Indoors plants range anywhere from 80 to 140 cm and growers can be rewarded with yields of 450 to 500 grams per m². Outdoor gardeners can expect a little more height and have reported yields of more than 550 grams per plant.

Bud formation takes place up and down the branches of this medium-sized plant. Removing some of the excess lower foliage to expose bud sites during flower aids in the formation of large, lime-green buds. Littering the open structured buds are large amounts of bright orange pistils. Complimented by a fine layer of diamond-like trichomes, AK-420 Feminized is an attractive bud to be gazing upon.

The subtle growth patterns and short flowering times of AK-420 make it ideal for growers of any level. Indoors, she will thrive with minimal fussing of environmental controls. Outdoors, AK-420 is suited for warm, Mediterranean climates. Our growers have found that this plant responded well to the SOG training technique.

Effect, taste, and smell of AK-420 Feminized

AK-420 Feminized is a 35% indica / 65% sativa plant made of a complex profile of flavonoids and terpenes. The overall effects of this strain lean towards the sativa side, and have been described as primarily cerebral and uplifting. However, AK-420 also adds a welcoming layer of mellowness to anyone’s day. Not only a great strain for outdoor activities, but AK-420 Feminized has also been known to spark the creative and artistic imagination.

AK-420 Feminized seeds are a great example of how a plants terpene profile can change throughout the different growth stages. In the vegetative phase, this strain keeps a rather low profile. Once flowering is initiated, cultivators should be prepared for the pungent smells wafting from inside the garden. Strong aromas consisting of floral notes will fill the air in and around the garden. Having adequate air filtration systems in place is preferred by most gardeners.

Dried and cured flowers take on a complex bouquet of terpenes representing the indica and sativa lineage. AK420 enters the nose with an intense, traditionally indica scent of deep and earthy notes. Peeling back a layer, fresh pine scents come rising to the surface. Then, in comes the sativa influence with sweet and citrus notes. All of these smells combine and rearrange into a wonderful aroma of sandalwood, spice, caramel, and coffee.

The flavour profile of AK-420 Feminized is just as complex and exotic as it smells. A sweet and enjoyable tasting strain, subtle notes of earthy and floral undertones are there to complement the main flavour profile. Tucked just behind all of that are hints of aged-forest wood. AK 420 Feminized is a true treat for gardeners lucky enough to grow it.

Did you know?

  • The parental genetics combined have earned dozens of awards over the years, including the High Times Cup.
  • The landrace genetics used in AK420 Feminized are highly sought-after as proven breeding stock.
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