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10 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package


The White x Fire OG

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In & Outdoor


Hot and Cold

Plant height


Average Yield

550 – 650 g/m²

Flowering Period

9 – 10 weeks

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Happy Relaxed Uplifted Flavor


Pine Spicey Sweet Helps with


Insomnia Nausea Pain Stress Grow Difficulty


Label USA Strains THC value

22% – 28%

CBD value

0.1% – 1%

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For anyone who is serious about Kush, we present White Fire OG seeds. Well known as the pinnacle of OG Kush in terms of fuel, diesel and pine terpenes, with a head rolling 28% THC! Like most OG crosses, she can be quite tricky to grow, so is best suited for growers with experience, and may need maintaining more than other strains.

The flowers she produces are elite and encompass everything great about OG Kush strains. Extremely pungent with lime green frosty buds that become very tight and hard. Plants will stretch a large amount once flowered and will need to be controlled to avoid tall plants.

We advise this strain for growers who are familiar with LST and topping techniques. Outdoors, she is a beast that will produce excellent results in all climates.

Created by taking the very best Kush strains we could find, and crossing The White with the world-class Fire OG. The result is a hybrid that represents the ultimate Kush profile.

We were able to enhance the classic diesel, citrus, and pine aroma and maintain knockout levels of potency that is not for the faint-hearted. Prolific resin production with a flowering time of 63-70 days.

We strongly recommend growing White Fire OG seeds in a Sea of Green indoors. Here she will be an incredible performer that grows uniforms and will produce one main central cola with long and thin side branches closely clustered together in a typical Kush fashion.

Under HID lighting, she can grow as tall as 200 cm (78 inches), so be prepared to tie the top canopy down or top the plants before changing timers over to 12/12.

A solid performer in all environments and well recommended for growers who experience cold weather.

White Fire OG seeds will stay low during the Summer months, however once flowering starts, will aggressively stretch and need some supporting.

For the best yields, we advise keeping plants in a South-facing location and to feed regular nutrients. When flowering, the aroma she produces can be unbelievably pungent and loud, so be careful not to reek out the entire street.

Fungal resistance
White Fire Feminized is very resilient to mold, so are very well suited to colder climates. She can also take heat stress with ease and does not seem to be affected by powdery mildew either.

Flowering time
Flowering time can vary between 9-10 weeks depending on the phenotype. Most plants will be ready around 65 days, with larger producing White Fire OG plants requiring more time.

We recommend planting White Fire OG seeds outdoors as early as possible in Spring. The harvest date will be from the first weeks of October. Flowering time outdoors will take 63-70 days, depending on the climate and size of the plants.

Indoors, 600 g/m² (2 oz per square foot) can be harvested, under HID lighting and fed nutrients. With training and longer vegetative time under 18/6, yields can be enhanced further.

Outdoors, under the right conditions, White Fire OG Feminized can produce 500 grams (17.5 oz) per plant. An excellent strain for growing in a Sea of Green, and using smaller sized pots and a high volume of plants.

Plant height & structure
White Fire OG seeds will grow typical Kush plants, meaning her growth structure will become tall and finicky, requiring some support and maintenance during the earlier stages of the vegetative stage.

Once flowered, she will double in height, finishing around 200 cm (78 inches) on average.

We advise topping the plants before flowering and to also use a screen to manipulate the canopy. This will avoid tall and lanky plants once flowering commences. Adding bamboo canes around the sides of the pots to help support the side branches during flowering may be necessary in some cases.

Smell, taste, and effect
The smell of White Fire OG when the plants are flowering is a heavy mixture of diesel, fuel, gas, pine and dank citrus. When drying, the aroma becomes intensified, so make sure you are well-prepared during the drying and curing phase.

Her flavor is top-notch and one of the most refined Kush flavors that can be smoked. Every toke of a joint is like a petroleum and citrus mouthwash, followed by mild peppery and sweet tones.

The effects of smoking White Fire OG are very upbeat and positive. After smoking a joint or taking a dab, you will quickly enter an enlightened, happy, relaxed and euphoric state of being. Like all good Kush strains, she will inspire and take creativity to another level, but overtime can have a more relaxing and chill out sensation.

Overall, she is a well-balanced strain that is a great choice for daytime and evening times, without too much tiredness associated.

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