Th seeds – WaterMelon Ultra




2 seeds per package



Plant height

120cm – 160cm


WaterMelon X MK-Ultra™


450g – 600g p.s.m.


60%Sativa – 40%Indica

Flowering Time

8-9 Weeks


Eucalyptus, Spicy Watermelon


Enhanced Appetite, Pain relief, Relaxed

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Volunteer for the latest T.H.Seeds™ Mind Control Experiment and be hypnotized by the WaterMelon Ultra. Seducing you with its spicy watermelon taste, leaving your mind relaxed, your body stoned and your stash jar filled to the brim. The WaterMelon mother is really terpy and kushy. The best improvement we could make, is to cross it with our infamous, Cannabis Cup winning MK-Ultra™ for its powerful high and solid production based on its G13 heritage. The results are astonishing, the ultimate watermelon Kush taste combined with a great production. The WaterMelon Ultra by T.H.Seeds™ can be tall but bushy and wide at the same time with a great tree structure. Not really leafy and a stretch between 2 and 3 X. Advised is topping and multi topping to get the best structure and production. The white resin starts shining like little diamonds early in the flowering stage. She is easy to trim with a good leaf to flower ratio with dense buds sparkling with resin early on. The flavors are truly different than most of the recently released and popular strains. A real distinctive, watermelon spicy kush taste with strong relaxing and body stoned effects. Ideal for making high quality hash, isolating those unique spicy watermelon terps with hints of eucalyptus. This is not a conspiracy. WaterMelon Ultra by T.H.Seeds™ is unlike anything you have recently grown and will leave you truly mesmerized.

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