Super Sativa – PURPLE OG PUNCH




Stoned, relaxing


Sweet, grape-like, berry and creamy aroma

Flowering days

7-8 weeks

Indica sativa

Mostly Indica

Indoor outdoor


Reg Fem



3 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package, 8 seeds per package

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Why should I buy Purple OG Punch feminised seeds?

•    Purple OG Punch is a strain which is well known for its triple A+ quality buds. The completely white buds are covered in a thick layer of trichomes.

•    Purple OG Punch is what some might call a dessert strain, perfect to light up after dinner. Her unique terpene profile is truly mouthwatering. She smells and tastes like grape candy, blueberry muffins and tart Koolaid

•    This is a variety that truly shines bright like a diamond. The frosty buds have a high THC percentage and a very pungent and aromatic aroma. Expect rock hard buds and a quick flowering period of just 8 weeks.

•    Purple OG Punch is an easy and forgiving variety to grow. She is suitable for beginners and doesn’t require any special growing techniques or tips to grow vigorously. These USA genetics are actually very fun and rewarding to grow. You may want to grow her over and over again!


Purple OG Punch, a strong cannabis variety and a multiple cannabis cup winner

Purple Punch is a legendary weed strain which has quickly become a go-to cannabis variety for connoisseurs and weed lovers. She managed to win several cups already and is known for high potency combined with a very strong and aromatic terpene profile. Our Purple OG Punch is a direct descendant of these powerful genetics.



Purple OG Punch has a very sweet, grape-like, berry and creamy aroma, she tastes like blueberry muffins and tart koolaid

Purple OG Punch has one of the most grape-like, berry and creamy cannabis scents to be found anywhere in the world. She is known to smell like a mix of grape candy, blueberry muffins and tart Koolaid. She is definitely very sweet and fruity. Together with the profoundly tasty mix of grape, berries and dough this is a delicious strain. Her aroma is also super pungent and loud, especially when you break up or crush the dried flowers. The compact flowers are coated in thick resin layers and look so good that you may want to pull out your camera to take pictures every time you see them!

Purple OG Punch flowers quickly and has a high THC level

Purple OG Punch generally flowers quickly. During VEG she grows steadily which makes her pretty easy to control and maintain. The potency is where this strain got its name from. Its highly resinous buds will give the user a one-two punch straight to the head and body, initially coming as a head high but quickly transforming into a nice body stone. This lady packs a real punch! With some lab test reporting around 20% THC levels she is known to have a potent effect, even on the most experienced smokers.

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