Uplifting, euphoric, body stone, relaxing feel-good vibe


Lemon tones, peppery, citrus and diesel

Flowering days

9 weeks

Indica sativa


Indoor outdoor


Reg Fem



3 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package, 8 seeds per package

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Why should I buy Bruce Lemon Diesel feminised seeds?


  • Bruce Lemon Diesel has a very intense and pungent Diesel dominant aroma and taste. She is sour and citrus dominant with peppery tones of Kush and gas
  • This is a vigorous 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain with strong and sturdy branches. It grows fast both during the vegetative phase as well as the flowering phase and is very suitable for a SCROG grow
  • Bruce Lemon Diesel produces big and chunky flowers, she is known to produce a very large yield. The buds are covered in a thick layer of trichomes and she has a high cannabinoid profile with THC levels of around 20-25%.
  • It’s the combination of potency, terpenes and yields that make this strain a winner. You can expect a very potent effect, the high hits fast and will give you a powerful mental and a physical relaxation.


Bruce Lemon Diesel has an intense and pungent diesel aroma and taste, the sweeter and sour citrus tones are accompanied by peppery and kushy tones making this a great strain for terp lovers

Bruce Lemon Diesel is a cannabis variety that is loved for its intensely pungent diesel aroma and taste. The Bruce Banner genetics ensures the strong diesel influence in this terpene profile. Crossing with our original Lemon OG made sure the diesel terps are accompanied by some citrus dominant lemon kushy tones. She smells exactly the way she sounds. Citrus infused gas! A diesel dominated aroma with peppery and sweet undertones. It’s definitely a powerful and penetrating aroma. The taste is slightly similar to the aroma, with mostly sour, citrus diesel tones. There are some phenotypes that can express a more earthy and kushy character but these will be hard to find. Most plants will express a sour sweetness on the inhale and a gassy, metallic diesel taste on the exhale. A very special smoke, tasty and incredibly strong.


Bruce Lemon Diesel is a tasty variety with an extremely rare potency level of more than 25% THC in optimum conditions

Bruce Lemon Diesel is a potent and tasty variety. This one is for the terp lovers out there. Expect a multilayered terpene profile that will capture your senses! The potency of this strain is really out of this world. When it comes to THC levels, our Lemon OG was already well over the twenties and crossing it with Bruce Banner has made it even stronger. This is a variety with an average THC-level of around 20-25% THC. When grown in optimum condition by professional growers you can even go well over the 25% THC for the frostiest phenotypes!


What kind of genetics are there in Bruce Lemon Diesel?

Hot stuff from the USA!  Bruce Lemon Diesel was created by crossing our Lemon OG with the legendary Bruce Banner. The best of the nineties meets the twenties! This strain develops hard dense buds/nugs in generous quantities, great for commercial growers! The Diesel genetics come from Bruce Banner, ensuring a heavy Diesel aroma but with sweet fresh undertones. This hybrid strain is roughly 50/50 indica/sativa. The Lemon OG genetics contributes some fresh lemon tones and a hard hitting high. Expect a peppery, citrus, Diesel aroma and a very potent effect!

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