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Why should I buy Skunk #11 feminised seeds?
Skunk #11 is a legendary Skunk cannabis variety, with over a million cannabis seeds sold this is one of the best Skunks available worldwide
This strain is known for its ease of cultivation and excellent yield, the buds grow very large and heavy
Skunk #11 is a true ‘all-rounder’ and does well in all types of media and growing conditions, great for beginners and experts alike
This is a high yielding, high potency Sativa dominant hybrid. The resinous buds have a strong and pungent Skunk aroma, she has a hybrid high with both physical and mental aspects
Skunk #11 has a classic pungent Skunk smell and taste with earthy and spicy notes mixed with notes of pine and cheese, very pungent and strong
Skunk #11 has resinous buds with a traditional and spicy ‘old-school’ Skunk aroma. This scent can best be described as very penetrating and powerful. It is a mix of earth and herbs with sometimes piney and cheesy notes, a real stinker! This classic Skunk aroma is sometimes described as a Shiva aroma that can be both a bit sharp and spicy.

In terms of taste, our Skunk #11 also tends to be mostly soil and spice, some phenotypes can also taste a bit like a ‘cheese’. Other phenotypes have slightly more acidic notes. It’s such a unique and complex flavor that it’s really hard to describe. One thing is for sure, the aroma is very pungent and this should also be taken into account!

Skunk #11 is a potent Skunk strain with a high yield
Skunk #11 is a very popular Skunk variety that is loved all over the world for its high yields of the highest quality. In addition, it is a relatively fast bloomer and needs an average of about 9 weeks of flowering to be ready for harvest. It is a powerful Skunk with the well-known Skunk aroma and taste. The high is both physically relaxing and mentally up-lifting. In addition, it is very robust and resistant to all kinds of conditions.

What exactly are Skunk #11 genetics?
Skunk #11 is a stable premium Skunk strain. This classic cannabis seed strain is very homogeneous and potent. She is the result of years of breeding and selection by our top Skunk geneticist. Skunk #11, like our Orange Bud and Euforia, comes from our well-known Skunk selection program from the 1980s. Skunk #1, also referred to as the Original Skunk #1, was a strain created by David Watson, a.k.a ‘Sam the Skunkman’ and this strain was the basis of our Skunk #11.

The genetics on which this strain is based dates back to the 1970s in California. It is a poly-hybrid where 3 landrace varieties have been crossed with each other – Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold. Throughout the growing process, constant selection was made for yield, flowering time, thick resinous buds and the renowned pungent Skunk aroma. Our Skunk #11 builds on this and is a potent Skunk strain that can deliver extremely high yields in the hands of experts.

Skunk #11 is a legendary Skunk strain that grows easily in any type of medium or growing conditions, a true ‘all-round’ cannabis strain
Skunk #11 is a true cannabis legend. With over a million seeds sold, this is one of the most popular cannabis strains of the 21st century. And for good reasons, this is no ordinary Skunk. Skunk #11 grows vigorously in any growing medium and is suitable for indoor, outdoor or greenhouse use. It is a strong plant with generous yields full of resinous buds. And she manages to achieve this in a relatively short flowering period of 9 weeks on average.

It is a strain that is suitable for beginners and first time growers looking for a robust and reliable variety. She is easy to grow and requires no special conditions to perform well. From a grower’s perspective, Skunk #11 is a very versatile and interesting strain. As mentioned before, she can be grown outdoors, in a greenhouse and indoors. But the real potency can be achieved in controlled indoor cultivation. From these Skunk cannabis seeds come plants that grow quickly, both in the vegetative phase and in the flowering phase.

On average she takes about 9 weeks to complete the flowering phase, but there are also phenotypes that are a week, or even 2 weeks faster. Especially when grown indoors in perfectly controlled conditions. On the other hand, outside and in less ideal conditions, she can sometimes take a week or 2 longer. Roughly speaking, this can therefore vary from 7 to a maximum of 11 weeks.

One of the few drawbacks of this strain is that the flowers get so thick and heavy that the branches really need support towards the end of the flowering phase. Inside you can do this with string and sticks, but outside you will need to support her really well, either with a net or with large sticks, ropes and tie-rips. Strong gusts of wind can cause the branches with the largest and heaviest flowers to sag completely and eventually even break.

The buds of Skunk #11 also get a sticky resin layer. This thick layer of trichomes is bursting with terpenes and provides an exuberant aroma and taste, typical of an old-school Skunk. During the flowering phase, this strain stretches quite a bit. Her internode spacing is short to medium and the flowers grow very nicely together. Blooms longer than your arm are no exception!

The genetics used for Skunk #11 guarantee the following properties:

A reliable and robust Skunk strain suitable for beginners and experts alike
Skunk #11 can be grown in any type of grow medium and grow environment, indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse
It is a classic Skunk with a powerful and pungent aroma, the buds are full of trichomes and very potent
Skunk #11 also has a high yield in addition to her tasty terpene profile and high potency. This lady manages to produce very large buds that do require some support towards the end of the flowering phase.

Effects of Skunk #11
Skunk #11 is a highly rated Skunk and she is one of the strongest Skunk varieties in terms of potency. She gives a nice, famously enjoyable ‘high’ with no paranoia. Skunk #11 relaxes the body and nourishes the mind. The ‘high’ is pleasant, nice to chill out, erotic and gives enough energy to function normally and get things done. In this regard, it is referred to as a ‘medium high’ which is preferred by many to an ‘all-out high’ or ‘K.O.’ (knock-out) high.

Although this is a Sativa dominant hybrid, Skunk #11 does not give the bright, energetic and up-lifting effect that you can expect from some Sativas. This strain gives a balanced high that is both energising and uplifting, but at the same time also relaxing and stress relieving. It is a nice hybrid high that has both a physical and mental effect and is perfectly balanced. She certainly keeps you alert and active, but still ensures that you can dream away and relax. Skunk #11 has a relaxing effect that is ideal for use during the day and evening.

The bloom time of Skunk #11
Skunk #11 is an easy hybrid strain with an average flowering time of about 9 weeks. This hybrid cannabis strain has phenotypes that can be a little faster, but also phenotypes that take a little longer. The longest flowering phenotypes are known for their extremely high yields so don’t harvest her too early since you may be richly rewarded for patience. She is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. But she is not suitable for growing in the more northern and temperate climates. She likes a lot of sun, a high temperature and low humidity.

Although the buds can tolerate quite a bit of moisture, she takes a little too long to bloom outdoors when grown in a temperate climate. In a warm and dry climate in the more southerly regions, she can really deliver epic yields. Plants between 2.5-3.5 meters are regularly seen. In a greenhouse she will need until the end of October or the beginning of November to fully ripen. It is therefore recommended, to those that use artificial greenhouse darkening, to use it earlier in the season than normal.

The Yield of Skunk #11
Skunk #11, like the two other Skunks in our collection, Euforia and Skunk #1, is known for high yields. This Skunk can provide an XL yield without too much effort. Even in the hands of a novice, very high yields are possible. On average this will be between 500-600 g/m2, but in the hands of an expert this can go up to more than 750 grams! It is a real ‘powerhouse’ variety.

Outdoors yields of 500g, even up to 2kg, are possible. Especially when pre-grown indoors for some time before the start of the outdoor season. Grow her in a sunny spot, preferably in a mega-sized smart pot or root pouch and you’ll see what this lady has to offer! Plants over 3 meters high and just as wide will amaze you. In addition, she is not at all demanding or complicated to grow. Provide enough water, nutrition and (sun) light and this Skunk will help you achieve an epic yield.

Advice from our experts
You won’t need much advice to grow Skunk #11, she practically grows herself! She is also very easy to feed, she doesn’t need much so take it easy. After all, it’s always easier to give more nutrients if required than dealing with the aftermath of over-feeding.

The best tip we can give is to provide good support to the branches in late bloom. The flowers will get really top heavy and by the end of the flowering phase most of the blooms will have become so thick that they will struggle to stay upright. In addition, it is recommended to use new carbon filters when growing indoors. This lady can smell sensationally pungent – if you want to stay under the radar, good equipment is an absolute must!

Information about Skunk #11
With over a million cannabis seeds sold, this variety is a guarantee of success. Skunk #11 is a classic feminised Skunk strain of the highest quality for an affordable price. The combination of high yields, potency and powerful aroma and taste have made this strain a favourite among skunk growers.

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