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Medium yield

Seed Type

Feminized strain



Flowering Time

Long flowering period

Cannabis Cup Winner

Cannabis cup winners

Climate Zone

Sunny / mediterranean


Tall (more than 200cm)


1 seeds per package, 3 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package, 10 seeds per package

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While growers appreciate the ease of care, users delight in the euphoric sativa high. High-growing plants with long inflorescences and plenty of resin, which produce high yields, are typical of this variety of Haze.

For many fans, Haze is a groundbreaking variety of cannabis; since the early 80s, it has been loved the world over. And even today, 40 years on, many growers are still looking for a strain that offers as many Haze qualities as possible.

Silver Haze was the first variety of cannabis to provide the magical Haze high in a more compact, faster and higher-yield form. Sensi Seeds has spent many years working on the introduction of a reliable feminized variety of this strain, which has plenty of indoor potential.

Silver Haze Feminized seeds are a purely feminine variety, which were backcrossed to their original Haze properties over generations. In addition to the Haze strain, we also used a non-dominant Northern Lights strain as the parent plant.

Silver Haze Feminized Growth Pattern

The result: high-growing plants with high yields, significant resin production and long inflorescences, which extend to the main stem and side branches. A colourfast sativa, Silver Haze Feminized is able to grow and flower almost simultaneously. Seedlings that are 1 metre high, which already begin to flower at 10 cm, are fairly common.

The strong growth can also be used to encourage growth in other plants in the immediate vicinity or for a Screen of Green (SCROG). This variety of marijuana responds just as positively to lollipopping or supercropping techniques. Bear in mind that the geographical roots of the Haze variety lie in Thailand, Mexico and Colombia. Outdoor growing only works in regions where the plants are given sufficient time to flower. The plants should be left for 65 to 80 days.

Effect, Flavour and Smell of Silver Haze Feminized

The silver glandular hairs set the expectation: Silver Haze packs a powerful punch. The sensual, cerebral sativa high remains the most valued feature of the Haze family. Because Silver Haze Feminized doesn’t make you sluggish, this type of weed can also be used during the day.

In terms of flavour, you can expect earthy tones consisting of notes of pine and wood. After enjoying the Haze, you will often experience a sweet aftertaste on the tongue.

Did you know?

  • Silver Haze won the High Times Cannabis Cup 1989. The jury praised its compact buds and unrivalled high.
  • Don’t hesitate to place an order if you would prefer to receive this product in Silver Haze Regular form.
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