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Looking for a fast, easy and affordable harvest? Sensi Skunk Automatic is the answer. This autoflowering, feminized version of a classic cannabis strain is astonishingly easy to look after. Its citrussy sweetness is a welcome change to the simplicity of Skunk flavours.

Sensi Skunk Automatic growth pattern

The original Sensi Skunk has very quickly established a reputation among cannabis lovers. If you want an easy-maintenance, indica-dominant plant that won’t break the bank – you’ve got it. The Sensi Skunk family is based on a cross between a Skunk #1 and a sweet, beautifully scented mother plant that gives it its fresh flavour.

Finding growing hard work? It doesn’t need to be! It’s even easier with Sensi Skunk Automatic cannabis seeds. It’s the product of a cross between Sensi Skunk and a robust Ruderalis breeding strain. The result: an unparalleled autoflowering Skunk strain.

After around five weeks in the growth phase, it flowers automatically. All without changing your light cycles. Sensi Skunk Auto seeds produce strong, female plants with a thick structure, sturdy branches and generous bud production. Sensi Skunk Automatic grows uniformly and predictably.

This resilient strain forgives most cultivation mistakes, so is good for novices, and gives you good results even in cold climates. You can also use a Sea of Green (SOG) to maximise your results.

Effect, flavour and smell of Sensi Skunk Automatic

Sensi Skunk Automatic is astonishingly potent for an autoflowering cannabis strain. Even experienced smokers value the typical indica high. It starts evenly and manageably and finishes with a very chilled sensation that relaxes your muscles and slows down your thoughts.

Skunk varieties are known for their earthy, some would even say musty flavour that is a little reminiscent of garlic. Not so with Sensi Skunk Automatic! Our breeders focused on creating a sweet, fresh flavour with citrussy fresh notes. You won’t be disappointed!

Did you know?

  • Alongside Sensi Skunk Regular and Sensi Skunk Feminized, Sensi Skunk Automatic is the third member of a multi-award-winning cannabis strain.
  • This strain won three prizes at the Copa de la Marihuana. We were particularly delighted to receive an award for its flavour.
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