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Seed Type

Feminized strain


Low yield

Climate Zone

Cool /cold

Flowering Time

Short flowering period


1 seeds per package, 3 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package, 10 seeds per package


Tall (more than 200cm)

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Mexican Sativa Feminized provides a fast, long-lasting high. Unlike the majority of sativas, these affordable cannabis seeds can also be grown outdoors in cool climates. The result: tall-growing, robust and discreetly scented cannabis plants.

Mexican Sativa Feminized growth pattern

Our feminized Mexican Sativa is just as strong, tall and elegant as the original strain. These attributes are the result of its genetic origins in southern Mexico.

But a pure sativa from Central America would be extremely difficult to grow, especially at our latitudes. So our Mexican Sativa also contains a dash of South Africa (Durban) and Pakistan (Hash Plant). This has allowed us to reduce the flowering time and improve resistance to cold.

The result is a robust plant with 70% sativa genes that performs just as well in a growing room as it does outdoors. In a Mediterranean climate with long summers, Mexican Sativa can easily grow to a height of two metres. But it’s equally at home in cooler climates.

During the flowering phase, which lasts 50 to 70 days, these plants grow vigorously, so sufficient ceiling height is crucial. The height gain can be reduced somewhat by keeping the growth phase short. Thinning out the plants increases this effect. The side branches respond well to this technique, and to other growing methods such as Sea of Green (SOG), Screen of Green (SCROG), Lollipopping and Supercropping. Done properly, this can significantly increase the yield.

Effect, flavour and smell of Mexican Sativa Feminized

Consumption of this cannabis strain produces a wave of euphoria, often accompanied by fits of the giggles. Because it doesn’t leave a feeling of fatigue or lethargy, Mexican Sativa can be enjoyed during the day and for physical activities. It takes quick and relatively long-lasting effect.

During the growth and flowering phase, Mexican Sativa only gives off a subtle scent – a benefit for discreet growers. That changes once harvested and dried. The weed smells of a blend of sandalwood and flowery aromas, with an earthy pine undertone. Depending on the phenotype, there may also be liquorice and citrus notes. One thing we’re sure of: Mexican Sativa will tickle your mind as well as your taste buds.

Did you know?

  • Do you like heavy metal? Then you might know the song “Sativa” by Anvil. “Sativa, sweet sativa, cannabis sativa, grown by nature down in Mexico”, sings front man Steve Kudlow. Underpinned by breakneck guitar riffs, the song is a perfect match for the rousing effect of Mexican Sativa…provided that you like hard rock of course.
  • In addition to these feminized seeds, Mexican Sativa is also available as Mexican Sativa Regular.
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