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Short flowering period

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Sunny / mediterranean


High yield

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Feminized strain




Medium (between 100-200cm)


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Growers looking for huge yields are sure to appreciate Big Bud Feminized. Prized around the world for its bumper harvests, this strain is robust, easy to grow, and has natural mould and pest resistance. It also has a deliciously sweet, fruity aroma, and a taste that’s similar to molasses. Thanks to its indica-dominant genetics, users can expect a potent, relaxing stone.

Growth pattern of Big Bud Feminized

Big Bud Feminized cannabis seeds are 85% indica. This is detectable in the plant’s structure and yield, as well as its intense, relaxing high. Sensi Seeds took the original Big Bud (which dates back to the 1980s), and added Skunk #1 and Northern Lights into its genetic make-up. This results in a plant that’s robust, skunky and capable of impressive harvests.

This is the feminized version of the strain. That means that the seeds are highly unlikely to produce any male plants, which makes cultivation much easier. Big Bud has a comparatively short flowering time (of around 50 to 65 days), which makes it a good option for those that like quick results. When grown outdoors, the best harvesting time is mid- to late October.

Big Bud Feminized won’t grow to towering heights indoors. In fact, depending on the environment, their growth can be limited to just 50 – 100cm. Outside, however, it’s another matter: When the plants reach maturity, they may be as tall as 200 to 225 cm.

Structurally, the plants are relatively narrow, with fewer leaves than other varieties. The most notable thing about them (as the name suggests) are the massive buds that typically form around the central stem, and are dense and heavy. It’s not uncommon for the branches to break under their own weight, but this can be remedied with some tension wire or alternative support.

These resin-coated buds produce formidable yields, which is the strain’s main selling point. When grown inside, users can anticipate around 500 to 600 grams per square metre. Outdoors, growers are likely to enjoy an even bigger harvest, of around 800 to 1200 grams per plant.

Big Bud Feminized thrives in warmer climates with longer summers. Locations such as the Mediterranean are ideal. Alternatively, the plants can be grown indoors, or in a greenhouse.

As most of Big Bud’s yield forms on the central stem, it’s the perfect candidate for the SOG (Sea of Green) system. The plants are flexible, and can be trained into whatever position is required. SCROG (Screen of Green) is also effective, and the strain responds well to supercropping and lollipopping.

Effect, taste, and smell of Big Bud Feminized

Big Bud Feminized is 85% indica. This means that the resulting high is powerful, sedative, and soothing. Some also report getting giggly and euphoric while using it, which may be a nod to the strain’s 15% sativa genetics.

The plants produce a pleasant aroma as they’re growing; sweet, fruity and with a hint of spice. This is even more noticeable after harvesting, when the buds take on a scent that’s almost like molasses. Users will detect this sweet spiciness in the taste as well as the smell.

Did you know?

  • Big Bud responds excellently to the SOG (Sea of Green) system, and can be trained easily.
  • It was originally created in the US, back in the 1980s. The War on Drugs drove breeders to take the strain to The Netherlands.
  • Bid Bud comes in two other variants; Big Bud Regular and Big Bud Automatic.
  • The strain produces impressive yields, which is why it’s a popular commercial option.
  • Big Bud was a Cannabis Cup winner, in the category Indica Cup.

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