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Medium yield



Flowering Time

Average flowering period

Climate Zone

Temperate / continental


Medium (between 100-200cm)


3 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package, 10 seeds per package

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Pineapple Automatic cannabis seeds perform like champions by being easy to grow and providing large harvests. Flowers from this plant are sweet but skunky, the effects are cerebral yet full body, and the morphology compact but vigorous. The perfect 50/50 balance of indica and sativa genetics has created a well-rounded plant that is a pleasure to grow.

Growth pattern of Pineapple Automatic
Pineapple Automatic is a delicious cross of Skunk #1, Cheese, and Pineapple launched in collaboration with Fat Beans as a part of Breeding Grounds. This resulted in an evenly balanced hybrid plant possessing the autoflowering trait. Pineapple Automatic grows to a medium height. The tight nodal spacing creates many sturdy branches, which will later support the swelling buds.

The indica lineage is highlighted by the quick flowering time. Once Pineapple Automatic initiates flowering, peak ripeness can be achieved 42-56 days later. The typical height indoors at harvest can be 70-110 cm. Outdoors, Pineapple Automatic does best in temperate / Continental climates. Growers in those regions have finished with plants 80-120 cm tall.

Pineapple Automatic performs well under the right environment indoors, where harvests have reached the 200-250 grams per m² level. Results vary outdoors, but a harvest of 70-200 grams per plant can be expected. Buds of Pineapple Automatic form into dense, large, light-green balls highlighted by dark orange stigmas and an abundance of creamy white trichomes.

Effects, taste, and smell of Pineapple Automatic
Pineapple Automatic feature long-lasting effects that stimulate the mind and body. The first noticeable sensation is almost immediate. It is a sense of being tuned into happiness, and it is a soul-lifting euphoric feeling that adds a new perspective to the day. The overall experience is relaxing and soothing. In the body, people will notice a long-lasting buzz that puts muscles at ease.

Pineapple Automatic has a fun terpene profile, representing different ends of the spectrum. Sweet scents are masterfully blended with the nose-turning skunky terpenes, creating an intimate sweet-and-sour relationship. Backing the primary combination are notes of ripe, uncut pineapple and hints of fresh citrus fruits.

The name of this strain says it best, Pineapple Automatic has an undeniable pineapple flavour. Not tart enough to pucker your face but citrussy enough to make you salivate. The flavour is best described as the taste of a juicy, freshly-peeled pineapple slice. Complimenting all of this are background notes of citrus peels and funky, sour skunk.

Did you know?

  • Requires minimal maintenance throughout the cultivation cycle.
  • It is a high-THC strain with levels of up to 25%.
  • Exquisite terpene profile with an abundance of myrcene and beta-caryophyllene.
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