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Tall (more than 200cm)


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Choco Automatic flowers are a delicious desert for your mind, body, and taste buds. First, your eyes feast on the dark green foliage, and then your sense of smell detects whiffs of chocolate and fruits in the air. As the taste enters your mouth, electrons fire, signalling a delectable treat is in hand. At the same time, the effects immediately begin working their magic to brighten the day.

Growth pattern of Choco Automatic
Choco Automatic cannabis seeds result from outcrossing a Thai, Chocolope and Haze with a hardy Ruderalis in our vigorous Breeding Grounds program with Fat Beans. This resulted in an 80% sativa-dominant hybrid that displays traits from both contributors.

The sativa dominance is most apparent in the tall, slender morphology. The indica lineage contributes to the shorter flowering period, and the ruderalis injects the automatic traits into this strain. New growers will enjoy the simplicity of this automatic strain.

Choco Automatic grows with large fan leaves and considerable space between the nodes. This open structure allows for maximum light penetration and better bud growth. Once flowering begins automatically, Choco Auto generally reaches peak ripeness within 49-56 days. At harvest, indoor plants have finished at 100-160 cm, while outdoor growers have seen plants reaching in between the range of 110-180 cm.

If growing Choco Automatic outdoors, the ideal region would be one with a temperate / Continental climate or warmer. When growers have conditions dialled, indoor growers have reported harvests of 175-220 m². Outdoor gardeners are reporting 25-100 grams per plant. Dense, cylindrical buds with bright orange stigmas and a thick covering of trichomes hug the apical stem at each node and every branch tip.

Effects, taste, and smell of Choco Automatic
The effects of Choco Automatic are ideal for those with a busy lifestyle. This sativa-dominant strain has immediate effects that manifest as an uplifting, heady buzz. This euphoric state of happiness has been credited as a muse for many creative types. Let Choco Automatic be your guide when looking for a little extra kick of motivation and a soothing body buzz.

Another distinct advantage Choco Automatic holds over many other strains is its straightforward terpene profile. The aromas from some strains can be a mishmash of undistinguishable scents, but Choco Automatic puts forth a simple yet enticing smell of freshly ground cocoa beans. A chocolatey aroma permeates the nose and comforts the soul. A faint undertone of tropical fruits accompanies this desert-scented strain.

Choco Automatic has a flavour profile slightly more complex than the terpene profile, but the essence of decedent chocolate is front and centre here as well. Accompanying the coating of sweet chocolate on the tastebuds are added undertones of exotic sandalwoods and earthy flavours. As the undertones fade, a background of tropical fruits briefly leaves its mark on the palate.

Did you know?

  • High THC strain, tested at 25%.
  • Easy to grow, good choice for beginners.
  • Choco has a deliciously sweet terpene profile.
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