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1000 seeds per package, 250 seeds per package, 25 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package, 3 seeds per package

Life cycle

10-11 weeks

Grow type







High (23 – 26%)


Candy Creamy


Happy Chill



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The Rucu Cucu OG Auto is the Autoflower version of the legendary Rucu Cucu OG, variety created in collaboration with Seedstockers friend Homer El Mero Mero.

This XXL autoflower version is made crossing the selected pheno of the Tangie used to create the feminized strain with the most gassy and productive OG Kush Auto in the Seedstockers collection, thanks to the long selection, we crossed the original OG Kush F5 with one of the biggest ruderalis available in our genepool. We tried to select the plants that showed less ruderalis charactersitics, to obtain big genetics, really high THC and a strong structure.

The Rucu Cucu OG it’s is easy to grow, we always recommend to use a rich and soft soil mixed with 30/50% of coco fiber, this helps the roots to develop stronger and quickly, so you can obtain the best quality and maximize the harvest. It’s a next generation autoflower,. The terpene profile is remarkable for a clear tangerine but also gassy aroma. The flowers are compact and incredibly frosty, if well grown the THC can reach the 25%!

The Rucu Cucu OG can be grown outdoors, indoors or in a greenhouse. Indoors it has have a life time of 10 weeks from the seedling to the harvest, outdoors or in a greenhouse it can take 1 extra week. We recommend a minimum pot size of 11 liters. If grown indoors leave the lights on for 20 hours and give only 4 hours of darkness. The effect is really powerful, at the beginning really euphoric, perfect to increase creativity, after a while a creative wave will strike you.

If you’re looking for a next level Autoflower you must grow the Rucu Cucu OG, it surprised our the full Seedstockers breeders team and many test growers around the world!.

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