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Why should I buy Purple OG Punch feminised seeds?
Purple OG Punch is a strain which is well known for its triple A+ quality buds. The completely white buds are covered in a thick layer of trichomes.
Purple OG Punch is what some might call a dessert strain, perfect to light up after dinner. Her unique terpene profile is truly mouthwatering. She smells and tastes like grape candy, blueberry muffins and tart Koolaid.
This is a variety that truly shines bright like a diamond. The frosty buds have a high THC percentage and a very pungent and aromatic aroma. Expect rock hard buds and a quick flowering period of just 8 weeks.
Purple OG Punch is an easy and forgiving variety to grow. She is suitable for beginners and doesn’t require any special growing techniques or tips to grow vigorously. These USA genetics are actually very fun and rewarding to grow. You may want to grow her over and over again!
Purple OG Punch, a strong cannabis variety and a multiple cannabis cup winner
Purple Punch is a legendary weed strain which has quickly become a go-to cannabis variety for connoisseurs and weed lovers. She managed to win several cups already and is known for high potency combined with a very strong and aromatic terpene profile. Our Purple OG Punch is a direct descendant of these powerful genetics.

Purple OG Punch has a very sweet, grape-like, berry and creamy aroma, she tastes like blueberry muffins and tart koolaid
Purple OG Punch has one of the most grape-like, berry and creamy cannabis scents to be found anywhere in the world. She is known to smell like a mix of grape candy, blueberry muffins and tart Koolaid. She is definitely very sweet and fruity.

Together with the profoundly tasty mix of grape, berries and dough this is a delicious strain. Her aroma is also super pungent and loud, especially when you break up or crush the dried flowers.

The compact flowers are coated in thick resin layers and look so good that you may want to pull out your camera to take pictures every time you see them!
Purple OG Punch flowers quickly and has a high THC level

Purple OG Punch generally flowers quickly. During VEG she grows steadily which makes her pretty easy to control and maintain.

The potency is where this strain got its name from. Its highly resinous buds will give the user a one-two punch straight to the head and body, initially coming as a head high but quickly transforming into a nice body stone. This lady packs a real punch! With some lab test reporting around 20% THC levels she is known to have a potent effect, even on the most experienced smokers.

What kind of genetics are there in Purple OG Punch?
Purple Punch is the result of crossing two indica-dominant classics. By crossbreeding Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple the extremely resinous and fragrant Purple Punch was born. Regardless of its origins this beauty luckily made its way into the hands of many licensed producers and breeders. After several years the strain finally got the reputation and customer feedback it needed to become an almost legendary cannabis strain. She was selected to become strain of the year by many different cannabis magazines for all the right reasons.

Our Purple OG Punch is a delicious dessert strain smelling like grape candy, tart koolaid and blueberry muffins. Some phenotypes may even smell a little more citrusy and gassy. Purple Punch is a solid cross of Lemon Larry (another name for Larry OG) and Grandaddy Purple (or Purps).

There is no dominant strain here, both parental genetics ensured that this became a very well-balanced hybrid with nice characteristics of both varieties.

Our Purple OG Punch is an S1 of the original clone that expresses the OG character alongside the sweet grapy terps. You can expect to find some very stable offspring and beautiful specimens in the Purple OG Punch seeds you buy from us.

Purple OG Punch has very compact buds which are completely covered in trichomes, these white glistening buds have an amazing bag appeal
Purple OG Punch isn’t hard to grow, on the contrary, she is pretty forgiving and easy to grow. Being an Indica dominant hybrid her growth pattern is pretty straightforward, without having too much stretch during flowering or being uncontrollable with a lot of side branching.

She grows like most Indica dominant OG’s with thick sturdy branches, a medium internode distance and a hybrid leaf structure which leans slightly to the Indica side of the genes.

In general, the plants develop sturdy and thick branches, which makes her extremely suitable for a SOG setup or for growing the natural way. The compact and heavy buds are well supported by these thick branches. She flowers in about 8 weeks, some phenotypes might need a week longer and some can look ready at 7 weeks. But 8 weeks is the general threshold for the plants to be ready for harvest.

During flowering the plants show medium stretch, the internodal distance is medium too. The bud sites are pretty close to each other, but not fully stacked. Don’t expect the biggest flowers you’ve ever seen, they can get big, but not huge. What you can expect are some of frostiest and most compact buds you’ve ever seen!

The thick resin coating doesn’t stay strictly on the flowers, the leaves are covered in a thick layer of trichomes too. It’s not just the sugar leaves which are full of resin, the bigger leaves (fan leaves) usually get a nice coating as well.

Her compact and round-shaped flowers are really easy to trim and the sugar leaves are excellent material for making your own hash or other cannabis concentrates.

The genetics used for Purple OG Punch guarantee the following properties:

A medium sized plant with sturdy stems and rock-solid buds.
One of the most aromatic and strongest terpene profiles you will ever encounter.
Stunning flowers covered in crystals with a good calyx-to-leaf ratio and an amazing bag appeal
Purple OG Punch seeds are the real deal for any type of connoisseur. This Indica dominant hybrid smells and tastes simply amazing. You have to try it!

Effects of Purple OG Punch
Purple OG Punch is a great smoke to have during the whole day, whether it be in the morning, afternoon or evening. It has a good mix of both mental as physical effects.

This strain is highly sedative and is known to both cause an uplifting effect as well as a nice body stone. It’s truly a great strain for smokers looking to become totally relaxed and calm, this variety melts away stress and promotes physical and emotional wellbeing. The high usually starts in the head where it has the power to remove feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. Once time passes, the head high slowly creeps towards the body.

Purple OG Punch has the ability to settle into the limbs, make them feel very relaxed and heavy providing the user with a sedative high that can even block pain and help battle insomnia.

It’s a good after dinner smoke in order to get relaxed and sleepy, many customers experience a knock-out effect, especially when taking a higher dosage. In general, this is a strain that is known for its happy, euphoric, soothing and relaxing effect.

How long does it take to flower Purple OG Punch?
Purple OG Punch has a rapid flowering time of only 8 weeks. There are even some phenotypes that can look ready at 7 weeks, especially when grown in optimum conditions. However, we usually recommend to flower for at least 8 weeks.

One thing all the phenotypes have in common are extremely resinous buds. Some might even call this strain Purple Sticky Punch, referring to her thick layer of trichomes that is unusually sticky to the touch.

Purple OG Punch will stretch for about 2 – 2.5 weeks during flowering. She has a short to medium stretch meaning she doesn’t grow significantly after switching the daily light hours to 12/12. This makes her a great candidate for a SOG grow and if you do use the SCROG method it is recommended to give the plants a few extra weeks of VEG to fill up the net nicely before switching to flowering.

The yield from Purple OG Punch
Purple OG Punch has a solid yield. This strain is actually known for its triple A+ quality buds which are full of resin, terpenes and cannabinoids. But the yield can be surprisingly good too. The compact, rock hard nugs put down quite some weight on the scale. Whenever she is grown in optimum conditions and by an advanced grower the yield can reach levels that can come close 500 and maybe even 600 g/m2.

Probably for most growers it will be somewhere around 450 g/m2. She does well in a SOG-setup but can also be grown in a SCROG or the natural way. She is a generally a bushy plant with strong and resilient branches, big leaves and super compact flowers. Outdoor growing can be a challenge, especially when you want to grow her in a temperate climate. A low humidity is the key to success.

With a lot of rain and moisture during late flowering it will be a challenge to keep bud rot/fungus at bay. Therefore, it is only recommended to grow Purple OG Punch outdoors in a dry and sunny climate. Or in a well-ventilated greenhouse.

Advice from our expert
Purple OG Punch has become a household name among many growers and breeders alike. This weed strain is very photogenic and just looking at her makes you want to pull out your camera and start taking pictures. Those completely white cannabis flowers will simply make your mouth drool.

She is actually a pretty easy and forgiving plant to grow. The best tip we can give is to keep humidity low during the flowering period. And make sure there is enough air movement in the grow room or greenhouse. Still air can cause problems. For the rest she doesn’t need any particular tips or feeding schedules. It’s quite a badass plant! Purple OG Punch is pretty vigorous and fun to grow. And once you have grown and tasted those buds you may have found yourself a new favourite cannabis variety!

Information about Purple OG Punch
Purple OG Punch seeds are available as a feminised photoperiod variety. This will give you as a grower the opportunity to decide how long you want to keep her in VEG to determine the eventual size of the plants. You can even fill up a m2 with a single plant! That is unfortunately not possible with the Auto Purple Punch. Our photoperiod Purple Punch selection is known for very stable and homogenous offspring, she is also perhaps somewhat more potent than her autoflowering sister.

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