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100 seeds per package, 50 seeds per package, 25 seeds per package, 10 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package, 3 seeds per package




Peyote Purple x Critical Kush



Sativa %


Indica %



Cool, Hot & Temperate

Flowering Time (days)

50 – 60

Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month Week

1st-2nd week – October

Indoor Height (cm)


Indoor Yield (g)

up to 650 gr/m²

Outdoor Height (cm)

up to 140-180cm


Vanilla, Mango, Blueberry, Earthy


Aged Wood, Sweet, Coffee


Mystical, Body Calming, Deep, Focused, Uplifting

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Are you ready for something special from the Barney’s lab? Get ready for Peyote Critical strain. It’s an exclusive limited edition pure Indica hybrid, with awesome yield potential and fantastic pest resistance qualities. Peyote Critical strain “limited edition” has been created by crossing Peyote Purple and CRITICAL KUSH. The result is an Indica hybrid that combines all the raw power of the CRITICAL KUSH with the notorious sweet flavour and colourful brilliance of the Peyote Purple. These two plants are perfectly matched, their striking similarities making this a truly harmonious blend. Both parent plants are short flowering, produce exceptional yields and are tough too.

Built to resist, this hybrid comes with a natural force field against pests and diseases. Our lab was looking for a powerful plant with a unique taste and Peyote Critical strain ticks that box. One for the senses, delicious sweet earthy flavours, and aromas of aged wood and sweet coffee. This plant is recommended for all levels of grower – those new to cultivation but also experienced growers looking for something different. Powerful, sweet tasting and big yielding,

Is Peyote Critical Indica or Sativa?

The Peyote Critical strain by Barneys Farm is 20% Sativa 80% Indica.

What is the best way to store my Peyote Critical strain seeds?

To properly store Peyote Critical seeds, it is recommended to keep them cool and dark in an airtight container ideally in a refrigerator with proper labeling and dating, avoiding freezing.

What is the best method to germinate Peyote Critical strain seeds?

There are numerous techniques for germinating Peyote Critical cannabis seeds if it is allowed in your location. The paper towel method is a common method in which the Peyote Critical seeds are placed on a damp paper towel and covered with another damp paper towel to keep them moist. After that, keep the paper towel in a warm, dark spot and check on it every day to ensure that it remains moist. When the Peyote Critical seeds have germinated, gently place them in soil or similar growth media.

Peyote Critical strain cannabis seeds are sold strictly for souvenirs, storage, and genetic preservation.

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