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10 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package


Original Glue x Ruderalis

Plant type


Sex Type





Hot and Cold

Plant height


Average Yield

400 – 500 g/m²

Seed to harvest 8 - 9 weeks Seeds per pack


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Happy Relaxed Flavor


Pine Pungent Helps with


Pain Stress Grow Difficulty


Label USA Strains THC value

17% – 22%

CBD value

0.1% – 1%

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The Original Glue Autoflower is one of the most resinous autoflowering strains on the market, so hash makers and extractors be ready!

A huge producer of fat buds that will be ready to harvest at any time of the year in 70 days of flowering. Perfect for all climates and a rock-solid performer, making her a wise choice for balconies or a private terrace.

Original Glue Feminized Auto is a super potent, large yielding, fast flowering plant that tests at 17-22% THC. Not for the lighthearted, this cultivar made from cup winning genetics is unbelievably resinous and sticky with sour, citrus, earthy flavors. A solid performer in all climates that grows up to 120 cm tall, and with training can be reduced.

After crossing Gorilla Glue with our autoflowering stud, we were able to maintain the huge yields, fat sugar coated buds, tough resistance factors, and sky-high potency. Now this autoflowering version of Original Glue does not require any set photoperiod to flower, meaning she can be planted and harvested multiple times outdoors, with the best results occurring during the Summer months.

Original Glue Auto is well suited for those new to growing, as she is easy to maintain, resistant to heavy winds and cold temperatures, and is an enormous producer. When flowering, the buds will be long and compact and glisten with trichomes that will begin to form on all the surrounding leaves.

When blooming, the buds will fill every branch from top to bottom, making this lady a very generous yielding variety. During the final few weeks of flowering, the plants will become totally frosted, causing all the buds and leaves to be covered with resin.

A very productive autoflowering variety that can be grown 2-3 times per year outdoors. She is a solid performer that has a high resistance to mold, making her well suited for colder climates.

When planting outdoors, keep in a South facing location for best results. She is able to take large amounts of nutrients, and will reward you with massive stacked buds covered in resin.

Fungal resistance
Original Glue Auto is a fast finishing variety that only takes 70 days from seed to harvest. Not only is she resistant to insects and powdery mildew, she has a high resilience to mold, allowing her to be grown late into Winter.

Flowering time
Flowering time will take up to 70 days from seed to harvest, where she will reward you with pure potency and incredible flavor.

Outdoors flowering time will vary between 65-70 days depending on where you live. Growers who experience hot tropical climates can plant outdoors from March until November, otherwise from June until the middle of August.

Under HID lighting and fed nutrients, yields of 500 g/m² (1.6 oz per square foot) can be achieved. We recommend growing the Original Glue Autoflower seeds under either 12-18 hours of light.

We recommend growing the autoflowering version of Original Glue in a Sea of Green in small sized pots and to grow a large volume of plants. She will perform superbly and will produce a harvest of up to 90 grams (3 oz) per plant, making her a cash croppers dream strain.

Plant height & structure
Expect this autoflowering strain to grow with a bushy structure, and grow to a height of 120 cm (47 inches). Thanks to her indica and sativa heritage, plants will grow with an open structure, giving her a stocky and fat appearance. Tying her down after the third week can help reduce height and keep plants closer to the 90 cm (35 inches) mark.

Tying branches down during the first 3-4 weeks will allow more light to enter the plants, increasing the top canopy. If you are growing the autoflower version of Nirvana’s Original Glue in a Sea of Green, then avoid training and leave to grow together.

Smell, taste and effect
Her effects are powerful and long-lasting, causing waves of euphoria followed by a deeply relaxing edge. Thanks to her ideal blend of indica and sativa, the effects are well suited for social scenarios, deep conversation, and those who have a creative side. Be careful smoking too much, as after a while you can get heavy legs and want to crash out on the nearest couch.

Her flavors are sour, citrus with overtones of earth that linger in the mouth after every toke of a joint, leaving it coated with a chemical, solvent aftertaste which coats the lips. Her aroma is more pungent with notes of fuel, solvent and glue, and she smells like a devastatingly strong strain. Make sure you have your dried flowers in an airtight jar, as Original Glue Autoflower has a seriously loud terpene profile.

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