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Why should I buy Orange Hill Special feminised seeds?
Orange Hill Special is one of our most special cannabis strains, created by crossing the legendary Orange Bud and Californian Orange

She combines an extremely high THC level of 20%+ with a very high yield. She is easy to grow even for inexperienced growers and does well on soil and coco fibre as well as on a hydro system

Orange Hill Special has an average flowering time of approximately 9 weeks. It is a resinous strain with a compact structure, making it perfect for home growers

Its citrus-dominant aroma and taste brings a true taste explosion! If you like orange, tangerine and lemon, this is the ideal variety. The quality of these buds will certainly not disappoint!
This variety offers unsurpassed quality in terms of aroma, taste and effect. A small percentage of the plants can develop male flowers, which is expressed most heavily when plants suffer from severe stress. It is advised to check your plants thoroughly during flowering and act immediately before the male flowers open and pollinate the other plants.

Orange Hill Special has a citrus dominant aroma with notes of lemon, orange and pine
Orange Hill Special produces very generous, high quality yields with a fresh aroma and citrus flavour. Her scent can best be described as a mix of citrus fruit (lemon, orange, mandarin) and pine. In general, all phenotypes are quite citrus dominant in aroma. Some even smell exactly like oranges! These sweet but also sometimes sour scents are easy to recognise and will make you think of a tasty orange soft drink.

When the buds are crushed, the lemon scent comes out more strongly, and you will sometimes smell haze-like notes. It is a blend of spicy scents with sweet and sour overtones of lemon and orange. The taste is again citrus dominant with a kind of sweet and sour skunky twist, with notes of pine and earth. Anyone who likes an extremely fruity terpene profile should definitely give this strain a try!

Orange Hill Special is a very potent cannabis strain with a high yield
Orange Hill Special was developed by crossing two of our classic and well-known orange-family strains; Orange Bud and Californian Orange. The aim of this project was to make an even more potent and better version of this already very strong and stable parent genetics. We succeeded. The strain is known for a sky-high THC percentage averaging 20% and this can go up to nearly 25% in the right hands and circumstances. In addition to her potential, she also produces very thick buds and a fat yield!

What kind of genetics are exactly in Orange Hill Special?
Orange Hill Special is a special Orange Skunk selection and a welcome addition to the Orange Family of Dutch Passion. She was developed with genetics from our beloved Orange Bud and California Orange. This cross has been further stabilised for 6 generations to achieve a completely new and stable Orange variety. This variety is 50% indica, 50% sativa with a high THC content of 21%. Orange Hill Special is a must for fans of our Orange Family varieties. Developed by the producer of Power Plant, Ultimate, Skunk # 11 and many others. It is available in both feminised and regular seeds.

Orange Hill Special has large, full buds with a thick resin layer and a strong citrus-dominant aroma
Orange Hill Special is a special Skunk selection developed to obtain the ideal combination of a strong citrus aroma, a skunky orange flavor and a powerful THC-rich high. This strain, like all of our original Skunk genetics, is easy to grow. These genetics are also known for their high yields that can reach well above average. Orange Hill Special is a 50/50 Indica / Sativa hybrid variety which will have an average flowering time of 9 weeks. The plants have quite some vigour and will reach an average height of around 1 meter with a typical pre-growth (vegetative) period.

She produces some genuinely beautiful buds to look at. The flowers are really bursting with trichomes, a look with a microscope shows the true potential of this strain. The light green buds are covered in a thick white resin layer with beautiful orange and sometimes light brown hairs.

It is an easy variety to cut/manicure with a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio. This also makes her interesting for the more commercial growers who are looking for high potency, a good yield and a short processing time. Orange Hill Special is one of the best received photoperiod strains and with over 21% THC (from an independent lab result lab result shortly after launch). This is also a strong lady suitable for more experienced smokers.

Her plant structure is best described as medium. The internode distance is short to medium and the leaves are of a hybrid structure that will have the appearance of a perfect hybrid cannabis strain. Not too thick, not too narrow – somewhere in between. During the growth phase she may show a slightly more compact plant and leaf structure, but once flowering starts you will discover her hybrid character.

She does well in natural as well as SOG and SCROG cultivation. Topping and fimming is recommended during the growing phase to give her a more bushy appearance. This will also give her more evenly distributed large buds and ultimately a higher yield.

The genetics used for Orange Hill Special guarantee the following properties:

A medium plant with a hybrid plant/leaf structure and very full buds
A high yielding plant with resinous flowers
Very fruity citrus-dominant aroma and a high THC level
Orange Hill Special is suitable for all types of growers, it is easy to grow and produces strong plants with great vigour.

Effects of Orange Hill Special
This 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain has a hybrid effect, which combines both a head high with a body stone. It is a mix of sitting in the “zone” and dreaming away and relaxing. During smoking / vaping you can taste a sweet and fruity flavour. The high hits quickly and also lasts for a long time. The high is both mentally stimulating and physically numbing, but it is by no means a couch potato. This makes this strain extremely suitable for users (including medical users) who are looking for a strain that can both relieve stress and provide energy during the day.

In low doses, this is an ideal strain to relieve stress while still being able to accomplish all kinds of tasks. Some users call it a mild body up-high. It can help improve your mood and boost your creativity. Orange Hill Special has a balanced high that has inherited about the same amount Indica and Sativa genetics.

The bloom time of Orange Hill Special
Orange Hill Special has an average flowering time of approximately 8-9 weeks from the time she is put on a 12/12 light schedule. The plants usually stay around 75 – 125 cm, when they have only been given a few (3-4) weeks of vegetative growth. Of course, this also strongly depends on the conditions in which it is grown. She responds well to topping and fimming and therefore remains a lot more compact.

The strain grows for an average of 2-3 weeks during the flowering phase with the most stretching in the first and second week of 12/12. In some phenotypes, the first flower hairs start to appear from the 2nd week of flowering. After about 4 weeks all plants have come to a stop and the plants become full of white flower hairs. From this moment on, the internodes will start to fill with long, continuous flowers.

The yield of Orange Hill Special
Orange Hill Special is one of our XXL photoperiod strains. She is known for a very high yield of the highest quality. Her average flowering time of 9 weeks ensures that she has enough time to produce very large and heavy blooms. The plants grow to about 1m high with many side branches that are full of sticky buds.

Supporting the buds with sticks and ropes is recommended, as well as the use of a support net to keep all buds upright. On average, yields of 500-600g / m2 are possible. However, in the hands of an expert, and in combination with certain growth techniques and methods, even higher yields are possible. Topping and fimming works as previously indicated, this increases yield. The same applies to a SCROG. Use this in combination with a strong LED light, a hydro system and additional CO2 to boost yields to unprecedented heights.

Outdoors, Orange Hill Special can also provide a very large yield. Several kilos per plant is possible when grown for a long time in full sun and in very large (smart) pots. These are robust plants with thick branches and very thick blooms. It is also highly recommended to support the buds outdoors during the flowering phase. Because of the weight, the branches can sag completely outside and even break off, especially when there is a lot of wind at the end of the bloom phase. She mainly likes a warm, dry and sunny climate, which makes her less suitable for growing in temperate (and the more northerly / southerly) climates.

Advice from our experts
Orange Hill Special is the best yielding plant in the Orange Family. Little nutrition is required during the growth period. During the flowering period of 8-9 weeks we recommend extra nutrition. Always start with a low dose and work your way up. If the plants are light green, it is best to give a little more nutrition (rich in N – nitrogen), if they are dark green (and possibly with yellow / brown leaf tips) and the leaves turn into claws, then you should reduce the nutritional value/EC to lower levels.

From seed you will often see that different phenotypes also have different nutritional needs. You can address this by moving the pH value slightly up and down. This allows the plants to absorb nutrients in a wider range, but keep in mind that on average you should always be between 5.5 – 6.5 (ideal is normally around 5.8).

We also recommend topping and/or fimming this plant. This can be done several times during a long growing (veg) period. If the pre-growth period is not long (eg only 3-4 weeks), we recommend doing this a maximum of once. Topping or fimming in the flowering phase is strongly discouraged. A SCROG can be the ultimate growing method for the highest yield.

Information about Orange Hill Special
Orange Hill Special is a beautiful cannabis strain. Her big buds, pungent aroma, thick resin layer and high THC content make this an overall winner. Some phenotypes can even show a little colour and complete the overall picture. This strain is known for a fruity aromatic bouquet of citrus and oranges. The taste is reminiscent of orange flavoured soft drinks and hash. The more earthy and piney notes make it very complex.

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