Nirvana seeds – Nicole x Banana OG Feminized




10 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package


Nicola x Banana x OG Kush

Plant type

Mostly Indica

Sex Type



In & Outdoor



Plant height


Average Yield

450 – 550 g/m²

Flowering Period

8 – 10 weeks

Seeds per pack


Product Type


Seed Type








Happy Relaxed Flavor


Skunk Sweet Helps with


Insomnia Stress Grow Difficulty


Label Only Online Availible THC value

18% – 20%

CBD value

0.1% – 1%

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Nicole X Banana OG Feminized seeds are another belting Kush hybrid to emerge from the US that has a fruity and fuel taste.

Kush lovers will adore this banana flavored power-house, that can quickly put you in a deep narcotic state if you do not respect her power. Sky-high potency and a truly special flavor profile makes Nicole x Banana OG Feminized, a must-have for any seed collector.

Nicole x Banana OG Feminized packs a punch when it comes to potency and flavor. She rock solid strain that performs incredibly well both indoors and outdoors. An indica dominant strain that is perfectly suited for beginners and will require little maintenance.

Expect incredible banana, berry, Kush, fuel, gas, and lemon terpenes makes this hybrid a must-have for indica lovers and purveyors of the best Kush strains.

The parents used were Nicole and Banana OG, two extremely reliable Kush strains that ticked all the boxes when it came down to quality, quantity, potency, and flavor. The result is an easy to grow, tough, sturdy plant that has a strong resistance to plant disease.

Once flowering begins, each flower site will be dripping resin from head to toe, and hash makers will be able to work with plenty of high-grade leaf material once harvested. A true heavy hitter and one of the stronger Kush varieties around.

Nicole x Banana OG Feminized will grow to a medium height with short intermodal spacing. This indica dominant strain is well suited for growing in a Sea of Green, as plants stay medium height, with a uniform structure. We advise keeping her growing in the vegetative stage under 18/6 for longer to get the biggest yields possible.

During the growth stage, she will remain low with tight internodal spacing, and when flowering will finish around 100-125 cm (39-49 inches) tall.

A wonderful strain for growing in a greenhouse or poly tunnel with a SOG, and a short and stocky plant that keeps a low profile outdoors height wise.

Fungal resistance
Like most Kush strains, she is a tough performer outdoors. This means she can endure cold nighttime temperatures with ease during the flowering period.

Hot weather does not bother this cultivar, and she thrives in a tropical climate. A highly resilient plant to powdery mildew and mold despite growing tight and dense buds.

Flowering time
Like all good Kush strains, expect her to take 8-10 weeks before she is fully mature. We recommend using a microscope and to check the trichomes around this window, to pick the plants to your preference.

It is best to plant Nicole x Banana OG Feminized outdoors in April to May time. We advise planting in a South-facing location when flowering.

Harvest date will be around the start to middle of October, depending on the climate.

She will produce impressive yields compared to most Kush hybrids. Harvests of 550 g/m² (1.8 oz per square foot) can be achieved under HID lighting.

Outdoors, she can produce 500 grams (17.5 oz) per plant under optimum conditions.

Plant height & structure
A medium-sized Kush hybrid that will finish between 100-125 cm (39-49 inches) tall. This lady will produce long thin side branches that flower thick nugs at each internode, with a hard to squeeze characteristic that are easy to trim and uniform.

To get the most productive plants, it is a good idea to allow the Nicole x Banana OG strains to stay under 18/6 for longer. Topping and pruning will also enhance yields further.

Smell, taste, and effect
Kush connoisseurs will instantly fall in love with the aroma and terpene profile that this strain offers. A super pungent combination of gas, fuel, pine-sol, banana, citrus with fruity notes make Nicole x Banana OG one of the loudest strains around. Make sure you keep your buds in an airtight container to stop the whole street from reeking!

Her flavors are a mixture of fruity, berry, banana, Kushy, chemical with the classic citrus and fuel after-taste. A lip licking flavor that will have your mouth watering at the smell of a bag of this high-grade strain.

Nicole x Banana OG Feminized is not for the light-hearted. This heavy hitting Kush hybrid is ideal for evening times, unwinding after a long physical day, getting stuck into a movie box set, and drifting in and out of dream land with no plans. Smoking too much of the strain will put your lights out and send you into a deep sleep.

She is best for smokers with a high tolerance looking for the best of the best when it comes to pure potency. A definite nighttime smoke and one that allows you to catch up on your sleep!

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