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Average Yield

400 – 500 g/m²

Flowering Period

8 – 10 weeks

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Relaxed Uplifted Flavor


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Cramps Insomnia Grow Difficulty


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16% – 20%

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0.1% – 1%

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Matanuska is in a class of her own, with a very rare flavor and rock solid buds. You will think she went to Alaska and back, once you start Matanuska seeds turn into plants with intense blankets of snowy resin this strain produces. An original classic that is a household name back in Alaska and one that medical patients have as their go-to hybrid.

A well-balanced hybrid that originates from The Great Alaskan Northland. Unbelievably dense buds that have a rock-hard characteristic, snow capped in fruity, chocolate, earthy pine frosty resin terps. A very easy to grow cultivar that is unbelievably resistant to cold and wet weather, and a wise choice for outdoor growers who need something extra reliable.

By backcrossing the best phenotypes of the Matanuska we could find, the result is a very stable and uniform version of this famous Alaskan hybrid. Her terpene profile is very loud with an excessive number of trichomes. We recommend these seeds to hash makers as she is such a generous plant in terms of high-grade sugar leaf.

We were able to enhance the most desirable traits that make this cultivar so special and revered by the people of Alaska. Now is your chance to grow these snow capped highly resilient plants, and enjoy some proper medical grade flowers that boast a CBD of 1.4%.

She will grow one main fat central cola with short side branches, similar to a cactus with short side arms. Matanuska Feminized will grow an enormous main bud that becomes extremely compact, with buds that are some of the hardest buds around.

We recommend growing this hybrid in a Sea of Green and to keep the vegetative time short. This will ensure plants will grow low and uniform, with an abundance of frosted, rock hard golf ball sized nugs.

When planted outdoors from Spring time onwards, and planted into a 50-100 liter (13-26 gallon) container, Matanuska Feminized can produce yields of 750 grams+ (26.5 oz) per plant.

A highly resistant cultivar that can battle strong winds, cold nights and low temperatures with ease. She will not stretch much once the timers are changed to 12/12 and will finish on average around 120 cm (47 inches) in height.

Fungal resistance
Thanks to her Alaskan roots, she can take the cold weather with ease, without concern for moldy buds. Those who experience shorter Summers and colder climates will get excellent results with Matanuska Feminized outdoors.

Flowering time
Flowering time will take 60-70 days and with high THC and CBD levels, makes this lady one for professional smokers only. Her THC levels will reach up to 20% and with a CBD level of 1.0%. However, her effects are more euphoric yet chilled. Matanuska Feminized is an easy to trim strain that will grow buds so dense they will make a loud thud when dropped.

Flowering time will vary depending on the climate, and the phenotype. Most plants will be fully mature and ready to harvest from 8-10 weeks of flower. We recommend planting in a South facing location and to use a large sized pot or plant directly into the ground.

A low maintenance strain that when grown closely together can yield 500 g/m² (1.6 oz per square foot), well suited for beginner growers looking for the ideal blend of indica and sativa genetics.

When planted outdoors from Spring time onwards, and planted into a 50-100 liter (11-22 gallon) container, Matanuska Feminized can produce yields of 750 grams (26.5 oz) per plant.

Plant height & structure
Thanks to her blend of indica and sativa genetics. Matanuska Feminized will grow to a medium height, with short internodal spacing. The buds become rock hard and there is one main central cola surrounded by thick budded side branches. A great choice for growers with limited space as she will generally finish around 120 cm (47 inches) tall.

We recommend training this strain and applying low stress technique (LST), topping and pruning to get an enhanced yield and to change the final canopy shape and structure.

Smell, taste and effect
The effects of this strain are long-lasting and a wonderful combination of calming, with an upbeat euphoric element.

Be warned, she is well known for a creeper high that will reveal itself to you after the first 20 minutes or so. She is not too heavy body and with the right amount of energy and focus to make the experience ideal for social scenarios, daytime use, as well as a great selection for medical patients.

One of the things that makes this strain so special is the terpene profile, which is extremely fruity, with a chocolate edge. When smoking, the combination becomes one big flavor fest, that is similar to eating a bowl of fresh fruits, sweets, and a handful of chocolates. A unique flavor profile for those looking for something different.

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