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How to: Mimosa Dream

Mimosa Dream cannabis seed is suitable for any space, indoors or outdoors. Its appearance, which is a priori indica but balanced between the two subspecies, is robust and sturdy, but with a sophisticated dress of purple tones.

As it is a productive proposal and has stable genetics, we recommend growing it with a SOG (Sea of Green) to multiply its fruits. It is sufficiently dense to generate these green waves. Indoors, it will grow to a standard height and give a yield of 500 grams per square metre. You will have to take care of your Mimosa Dream in its flowering phase for about 63 days.

Outdoors the plant grows up to two metres in splendour, with a strength resistant to pests and humidity and with a production of up to 700 grams per plant, quite high for a plant of these characteristics. Reserve the harvest for the last week of September or the first week of October.

In its phenotype it is also worth mentioning that its aroma is discreet, not overpowering, even aromatic.

Taste and effect of Mimosa Dream

The taste of Mimosa Dream is delicious, plain and simple. It has a slightly sweet grapefruit citrus touch, mischievous but smooth. It is never boring. It is a simple and yet unexpected flavour.

We are talking about a feminised marijuana plant halfway between indica and sativa, because virtue is at the heart of it. It has a THC level of 19% and a very relaxing effect that does not go unnoticed, you will feel it from the first contact.

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