Kannabia – Kaboom



Cup Winner


Flowering days


Height cm


Indica sativa

Mostly Indica

Indoor outdoor



End of september

Reg Fem


Yield Indoor G M2


Yield Outdoor G Plant



3 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package, 10 seeds per package, 25 seeds per package

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How to: Kaboom

Outdoors, it’s clearly evident that this plant is a member of royalty. It will exceed two metres in good weather conditions, and by pruning the tops it will expand in the area around it. The flowering phase is between 60 and 65 days although it may seem like it needs more time. You’ll collect about 450 grams per plant at the end of September.

It’s a marijuana seed that’s easy to cultivate, and you won’t have to consider any special intervention in its nutrition or its development if you don’t want to. Particularly productive thanks to its AK 47 heritage, it’s especially suitable for outdoors but can also thrive indoors. However, like the good sativa it is, it controls as far as possible that the EC is low.

Of course, for an indoor crop of La Reina de Africa, the Queen of Africa, we recommend that you use a SCROG screen or a Sea Of Green to control growth, make the most of its productive capacity and not allow it to exceed the ideal indoor height of 60 centimetres. This way, we can obtain about 500 grams per square metre,

The Kaboom plant grows with wide open branches perpendicular to the trunk, and many fine leaves that make it thick and leafy. It’s resistant to pests and its proportions are extremely balanced with 60% sativa and 40% indica.

Taste and effect of Kaboom

Tasting the Queen of Africa provides a more cerebral than physical experience, freeing the mind of stress and allowing you to be open to the purest happiness. It’s stimulating and enjoyable. Pretty powerful.

Its flavour it is where its personality most shines through. La Reina de Africa (the Queen of Africa) has a fruity, tropical, intense aftertaste reminiscent of mango, and its Thai genetics give it a very special spicy touch. Thanks to these, you’d recognise it blindfolded.

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