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Strain Type






Genetic Background

Gelato 41 x Triangle Kush


Sativa 40% Indica 60%

Yield Indoor

450 – 500 gr/m2

Yield Outdoor

650 – 700 gr/plant

Height Indoor

70 – 120 cm

Height Outdoor

120 – 150 cm

Flowering time

8 – 10 weeks

Harvest Month

Early October


Short Summers


Laughter, Physically Relaxing, Uplifting


Cookie, Earthy, Fruity

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Can’t get enough of Gelato? Neither can we. Gushers is our latest Gelato hybrid, bred from Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush, resulting in a well-balanced, potent hybrid with a bold, earthy, and fruity cookie aroma.

Gushers: A New Gelato Hybrid Loaded With THC and Terpenes
Gear up for a burst of fruity goodness with Gushers—a fierce yet friendly addition to our USA Premium category. Gelato has never tasted, or felt, better! Good for beginners and experienced growers, there’s never been a better time to give these genetics a try.

Gushers: The Decadent Offspring of Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush
Smokers and growers can’t get enough of Gelato. And neither can we! Joining our long list of Gelato genetics is Gushers, a delicious indica-dominant hybrid bred from Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush. Boasting 60% indica genetics, Gushers is a hardy, bushy plant with great vigour, plenty of THC, and a decadent mix of terpenes. Whether you grow her indoors in a tent or outdoors under the sun, Gushers is sure to impress you with her bold American flavours and aromas, as well as her well-balanced effects.

Effects and Flavours of Gushers
Characteristic of a good hybrid, Gushers builds off the amazing aromas, flavours, and effects of her predecessors. Well-cured Gushers buds boast a delicious and complex aroma that combines bold, upfront cookie notes with earthy and fruity undertones. Producing 24% THC (and sometimes more) and low levels of CBD, one or two tokes is all you’ll need for this potent hybrid to send you into a relaxed, uplifted, and giggly trance.

Growing Characteristics of Gushers
Gushers’ slight indica dominance gives her a manageable structure and a relatively fast flowering time. Gusher weed plants typically reach 70–120cm tall indoors, and up to 150cm outdoors. She vegetates very vigorously, and her flowering time is roughly 8–10 weeks. Come harvest time, our Gushers strain will reward you with up to 450–500g/m² indoors, or 700g/plant outdoors, of dense, frosty, and heavy flowers.

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