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10 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package


Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze

Plant type

Mostly Sativa

Sex Type



In & Outdoor



Plant height


Average Yield

500 – 600 g/m²

Flowering Period

9 – 10 weeks

White Strain


Seeds per pack


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Seed Type








Euphoric Uplifted Flavor


Spicey Sweet Helps with


Headaches Nausea Grow Difficulty


THC value

22% – 24%

CBD value

0.1% – 1%

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Chocolope feminized is a sativa dominant hybrid from Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. She can grow tall and is best suited for growers with experience as she requires 9-10 flowering time, and can be tricky to maintain. A big yielding strain which commercial scale growers will enjoy growing out, and a light hungry and resilient stain.

When growing, Choclope feminized will express her sativa dominance and reach as tall as 6 foot in some cases, and flower with long, elongated, frosty and dense buds. A truly unique terpene profile that boasts coffee, chocolate, aniseed, earthy and floral notes and an effect that will keep you on a cerebral roller coaster for hours on end, thanks to her 24% THC levels. Outdoors, she can grow enormous and produce massive yields of top shelf sativa medicine.

Chocolope Feminized can be a more challenging strain to grow thanks to her sativa dominance and longer flowering time, so is recommended for the more experienced grower. Plants can require high levels of maintenance and may stretch to a tall height once flowering. Make sure you provide plenty of space, and we advise adding support to allow the side branches to stay upright, thanks to her large yields and long shaped buds.

Chocolope Feminized is a difficult and challenging plant to grow indoors, and can grow quickly and need maintenance and training. Once flowering, some plants can grow as tall as 180 cm, so we advise using SCROG and L.S.T techniques to control the canopy and the final plant height. Adding support is necessary and be prepared to feed plenty of nutrients as she grows very tall and fast.

When growing outdoors, Chocolope Feminized can become huge plants that exceed 180 cm tall. In a hot climate, she can become very large with long thin and serrated fan leaves, and large thick side branches.

We recommend transplanting directly into pots such as 50–100 liters / 13–26 gallons, to grow the biggest plants, and ensure they are kept in a South facing location.

Fungal resistance
Chocolope feminized has a strong resilience to insects and pathogens, making her the perfect outdoor strain. She can handle colder nighttime temperatures with ease, with solid yields under the most challenging circumstances.

Flowering time
Indoors under HID lighting, except for plants to take between 9–10 weeks depending on the phenotypes. The most sativa dominant phenotypes will often require a full 70 days.

Chocolope feminized can be harvested at the start or middle of September, and should be planted at the end of April or middle of May.

When growing Chocolope feminized, indoors, it is possible to harvest up to 500-600 g/m² / 0.102-0.123 lbs per square foot. A very productive strain with enormous yielding potential with plant training and lots of nutrients.

She can grow very tall and produce yields of up to 750 grams / 1.65 lbs per plant. In some cases, it is possible to increase yields with training and maximum exposure to the sun.

Plant height & structure
The structure of a mature flowering plant will be tall, with thin side branches surrounding, closely packed together. Plants can grow as tall as 170 cm / 68 inches in some cases, however can easily be controlled when plant training is applied.

The height of Chocolope feminized when grown indoors will grow close to 150 cm / 59 inches indoors. When flowering outside, the height may reach as a tall as 180 cm / 70 inches outdoors, however can be significantly reduced with training techniques.

She can be difficult to grow, however when applying topping, tying and pruning techniques, Chocolope feminized can become easier to control and will reduce the final height. We strongly recommend this strain for SCROG.

Smell, taste, and effect
The aroma of Chocolope feminized can be described as a mixture of earthy, fresh coffee, dark chocolate, and incense with a floral sweetness. A complex profile that has overtones of pepper and spice, with a sweeter side. She is not as spicy as some Hazes and combines a sweet chocolate and caramel side.

Chocolope feminized when smoking has a delicious creamy and aniseed infused earthy taste which can be described as a mixture of chocolate, spices and sweet floral on the exhalation. Her flavor is more on the sweeter side, and the extracts produced really emphasize the sweeter chocolate elements.

If you are a fan of sativa strains and want something that will blast you into a euphoric, upbeat, deeply focused, cerebral, high energy and motivated mindset, then Chocolope feminized is the one for you. With a THC level of 24%, she will keep you well focused and an ideal smoke for busy individuals, musicians, gamers and writers.

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