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Why should I buy CBG-Force feminised seeds?
CBG-Force is the first commercially available CBG-rich cannabis variety with a very high CBG content (10-15%) and a very low THC content (<0.2%).
She is easy to grow and suitable for any type of grower or medium. CBG-Force does very well on soil and coco fibre but can also be grown hydroponically. She delivers big buds and a heavy yield.
CBG-Force is a vigorous, branching plant with a unique terpene profile. She has a fresh and spicy aroma, the taste is fruity, creamy and spicy.
This is a unique CBG rich strain available in feminised cannabis seeds. The effect is clear and relaxed. It is a ‘cannabis-light’ experience with no psychoactive high.
CBG-Force has a subtle fresh and spicy aroma, the flavor is fruity with citrus/grapefruit tones with subtle creamy and piney notes
The aroma is fruity with citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit but can also be slightly creamy and spicy (pine). CBG-Force has a subtle aroma with fresh, slightly fruity and spicy notes. She tickles the nose a little but doesn’t smell particularly pungent.

The taste can range from citrusy notes of lemon and grapefruit to a more spicy and woody taste of pine. Some phenotypes taste a little softer and creamier. It is a refined taste that sometimes has fruity notes of melon with slightly sweet candy-like notes in the background.

The buds generally look ‘frosty’ but are a lot less sticky than traditional varieties. The flowers are relatively compact, have a shimmering white glow and beautiful orange hairs. Her unique terpene profile and taste provides a pleasant smoking experience.

CBG-Force is a CBG-rich photoperiod cannabis strain with high CBG levels and no psychoactive high
CBG-Force is a unique cannabis variety that belongs to our family of Special Cannabinoid cannabis seeds. The development of this strain has taken quite some time and the result is impressive. A CBG-rich cannabis strain with increased CBG levels that can be as high as 14-15%. At the same time, the THC content of this strain is extremely low and below 0.2%.

What kind of genetics are in CBG-Force exactly?
CBG-Force is the world’s first CBG-rich photoperiod cannabis variety. Plants grown from these CBG-Force cannabis seeds typically have THC levels below 0.2% and CBG levels up to about 15%. CBG, along with all the other new cannabinoids, is causing a great deal of excitement and interest from the medical world and its potential therapeutic applications. Our CBG-Force is a ‘research’ variety that originated from a unique old gene pool and years of applying ‘selective breeding’ techniques.

The Dutch Passion breeders noticed two unusual aspects during the CBG breeding process:

The first few batches gave off very little odour. That gave us the impression that terpenes and/or flavonoids may be involved in the production of THC, CBD or other cannabinoids.

The buds of CBG-Force were very ‘frosty’, but not at all sticky. That is different from all our other strains (with THC or CBD). Perhaps the presence of other cannabinoids is related to the sticky resin we all know so well.
CBG-Force is a stable, easy to grow CBG-rich cannabis strain with a short flowering time and a large yield, thick blooms with many flowering hairs and an extremely low THC content
CBG-Force, our first generation CBG-rich strain, grows into a medium-sized plant that can produce a medium to large yield (indoor around 400-500 gram/m2, outdoor 500 grams per plant). The CBG-rich plants grow with a great deal of vigour (force) and, in the right conditions, require a flowering phase of about 7-8 weeks until her firm buds of CBG-rich cannabis are ready.

With a THC level of less than 0.2%, this is the first variety in our collection that could be considered legal worldwide, just like legal hemp. But the flowers look the same as normal THC-rich weed and have the same structure. It’s a great smoking experience, especially for those looking for a cannabis-light experience with real connoisseur quality.

Because the THC levels are so low, the effects of both our photoperiod CBG-Force and our autoflowering seed version (Auto CBG-Force) are not psychoactive. This means it won’t get you high. More and more research is being done into the unique properties of CBG and it is therefore not surprising that there is currently significant interest from the medical cannabis community as well as mainstream pharmaceutical companies and recreational cannabis growers. CBD strains also took a while to achieve mainstream popularity and we expect it to be the same with CBG.

These productive CBG genetics ensure strong side branches and big yields. The plants are medium to large with an average stretching period. They are easy to grow and do not require any special growing methods or growing techniques to ensure a good harvest. The flowers swell and can become quite thick in size. Pistils/ hairs are clearly present and perhaps in a slightly higher density than with traditional cannabis varieties. This gives the buds an exotic and unique appearance.

CBG-Force also produces a subtler aroma compared to other types of cannabis. The buds are not/hardly sticky despite the fact that the buds have a good trichome coating and white appearance. This is exceptional and characteristic of CBG-Force.

This got the Dutch Passion geneticists thinking, could the stickiness of buds be related to the production of THC and CBD, not CBG? Her plant structure is best described as medium, the internode distance is short to medium and the buds grow fairly well together. The buds have a hybrid structure and are relatively compact and of reasonable size.

The genetics used for CBG-Force guarantee the following properties:

A stable CBG-rich photoperiod cannabis strain with a widely branched plant structure and a flowering time of 7-9 weeks on average.
CBG-Force is a potent cannabis strain with a very high CBG content in combination with an extremely low THC content, suitable for licensed producers.
This strain is easy to grow, has nice white buds but is less sticky with a more subtle, less pungent aroma.
CBG-Force can be grown indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. Her plant structure is compact to medium and she has relatively firm buds and a high yield.

Effects of CBG-Force
CBG is non-psychoactive. That means it won’t get you high in the way that THC does. However, it is unclear how CBG interacts with other cannabinoids. In other words, it is not yet certain whether CBG can enhance the effects of other cannabinoids or terpenes in a process known as the entourage effect. The ‘high’ of CBG-Force can therefore not be described as a real high, but it is more of a subtle feeling.

Several users experience feelings of well-being, allowing you to unwind and feel relaxed. It is a kind of ‘down-to-earth feeling’ with mild physical effects. After inhaling CBG, you won’t feel the intoxicating effects like an active, mental uplifting high that you may have experienced with THC-rich cannabis, but rather a more relaxed body high.

Some medical users report that they experience a strong sense of mental clarity after smoking CBG, a feeling comparable with the effects of CBD-rich cannabis strains using the same extremely low THC content. An unexpected, but positive, effect that was observed by our own test smokers was that the desire/craving for tobacco and THC-rich cannabis disappeared after smoking the CBG-rich cannabis.

The flowering time of CBG-Force
CBG-Force has an average flowering time of between 7-9 weeks. Most phenotypes are ready to harvest around 7-8 weeks after switching to 12/12 light conditions (12 hours of indoor light followed by 12 hours of darkness each day).

Outdoors, this strain will flower as the days get shorter. It is a strain originally developed for indoor cultivation but can also be grown successfully outdoors in favourable conditions. Especially when you select the fastest phenotypes for outdoor growing.

This CBG-rich strain can also be grown in greenhouses, but we only recommend this in warmer and drier areas or in greenhouses where some climate control is possible.

Outdoors, it can take 1 to 2 weeks longer to bloom vs an indoor grow, depending on the climate and temperature fluctuations. The more unstable and colder the climate, the longer it will take to fully mature. Preferably provide a shelter and sufficient ventilation to minimise the risk of mold and bud rot.

The yield of CBG-Force
CBG-Force is a plant with a high yield. She has been given an XL marking, which means that in the right conditions and in the hands of a good grower very appealing yields can be achieved. This cannabis strain does well when grown in coco fibre or soil. CBG-Force is a plant that branches well and can produce many long flowers. She has an average stretching period which makes her easy to predict.

In general, a yield of about 400-500 g/m2 can be obtained with this CBG-rich cannabis strain. Outdoors, plants can yield between 100-500 grams of dry buds on average, even for novice growers. Experienced growers can achieve in excess of half a Kg per plant. Due to her good branching characteristics, this strain also lends herself to SCROG cultivation and the use of different growing techniques that allow the height of the plant to be manipulated.

Advice from our experts:
CBG is important because it is the ‘mother’ cannabinoid from which other cannabinoids are synthesised and derived. Usually, little CBG is left behind at the harvest. Most of it has already been converted to other cannabinoids.

Much attention has been paid to the role of CBG as a starting point for other cannabinoids. That’s one of the reasons why Dutch Passion wanted to launch their first CBG-rich feminised cannabis seeds.

CBG is not psychoactive but does provide a mild mental stimulation. On a scale of 0-100 where CBD is zero and THC is a hundred, CBG was given a value of about 10-20 from both medical and recreational users. Not nearly as strong as THC, but with a more noticeable effect than CBD.

CBG-Force is easy to grow. If you want a very broad, bushy plant you can top her (several times) during the vegetative period. You can also grow her in a SCROG or, for example, manipulate her with the ‘main-line’ technique and let her grow with a completely different structure.

She has robust and forgiving branches that allow her to be trained with ease. Bending, snapping and (super)cropping can be used with this strain.

If you grow her in a SOG, on average only 2 weeks are needed on 18/6 light conditions. With high plant numbers per m2 you can also achieve very good yields, but remain aware of the vigour of this strain and the potential ramifications for overcrowding. So don’t put them too close to each other. Plants in large pots with a long pre-growth period also do well and for the best results, grow her in a SCROG.

Information about CBG-Force

Dutch Passion are proud to present the first CBG-rich feminised cannabis seeds, CBG-Force. It is thought that CBG (cannabigerol) may have a great deal of medical potential. The THC content is less than 0.2%. CBG-Force follows in the footsteps of THC-Victory (THCV-rich) and our pioneering work in 2011, when Dutch Passion introduced CBD-rich cannabis seeds.

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