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Why should I buy CBD Skunk Haze feminised seeds?
CBD Skunk Haze is a vigorous cup-winning CBD cannabis variety with large buds and a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio. This CBD-rich strain has a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC

She produces resinous buds that are loaded with trichomes. This makes it extremely suitable for making cannabis oil or other cannabis concentrates

CBD Skunk Haze produces strong, robust plants that do well indoors or for growing in a controlled greenhouse. This CBD cannabis strain is known for high quality and high yield

CBD Skunk Haze is suitable for both medical and recreational users. The relaxed and energetic high gives a stress-free effect without paranoia. You still have a clear mind and are able to function well
CBD Skunk Haze, our multiple cup winner with a balanced CBD:THC ratio and highly aromatic terpene profile
CBD Skunk Haze was the first CBD strain we introduced to the market almost a decade ago and became a favourite from the start among the experts. Shortly after her introduction in 2013, she even won a 3rd prize in the Sativa category at the Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto, Canada.

2016 was an absolute highlight, our CBD Skunk Haze won no less than 3 cups in Canada that year! She won 1st prize at the Karma Cup in the ‘Medical’ category in Toronto. In addition, she took 2nd prize in the CBD category at the Lift Expo in both Vancouver and Toronto. This 4-time cup winner will definitely not disappoint you!

CBD Skunk Haze has a spicy aroma with notes of cedar, citrus and pine. A strong and pleasant terpene profile
This CBD-rich cannabis variety has the aroma of spicy cedar, with hints of citrus fruits, pine and mint. Some phenotypes really lean towards a typical Haze aroma, mixed with citrus notes of ‘Tangie’ or ‘Lemon Skunk’. She can sometimes come out very fresh and fruity. The taste is usually also spicy, haze-like and fresh.

Some plants have a taste that is slightly more pine and woody, but with a fruity touch. The buds tend to be very sticky and resinous, which you might not expect from a CBD-rich cannabis strain. Purely in appearance and smell, you would not be able to distinguish this from normal THC-rich cannabis with a low CBD content. The buds have good bag appeal and a very aromatic and pungent terpene profile.

CBD Skunk Haze is a CBD-rich strain with a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC with a relaxing effect
CBD Skunk Haze is a strain loved for its unique cannabinoid profile with a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC averaging around 7.5% CBD and 7.5% THC. This variety has a very ‘mellow’ effect, both your body and mind can relax and you will feel very relaxed after smoking/vaping this strain.

It is a hybrid effect that makes you think clearly but also gives you peace of mind. It is a stress-free high that will keep you functioning well. If you have never tried a 1:1 CBD strain, this is the ideal cannabis strain to start with!

What exactly are the genetics in CBD Skunk Haze?
CBD Skunk Haze is the result of the joint project of Dutch Passion and the CBD Crew. The goal was to achieve the optimal ratio of 1:1 CBD:THC. Some medicinal users prefer low-THC varieties. The cannabis has a relaxing effect, but the intense effect that a high THC percentage gives does not occur.

Recreational users find that a high CBD percentage gives a very pleasant and gradual body high without paranoia. To develop this variety, we crossed our Haze/Skunk (winner of the 1992 High Times Cannabis Cup) with a variety that is high in CBD.

CBD Skunk Haze is a strong grower with big long buds, her Sativa dominant character makes her suitable for both SCROG and SOG growing methods
CBD Skunk Haze is a stabilised hybrid and produces large and tall plants. This Indica/Sativa hybrid produces plants with firm, compact buds and a good yield. It is a strain that produces beautiful dark green leaves, with thick veins on the backs of the leaves. The fingers of the blade and especially its edges resemble those of a saw, but luckily you don’t have to be afraid to cut your fingers!

This is a variety that grows well indoors under artificial light as well as in a greenhouse. For a successful harvest in the greenhouse, it is recommended to grow in a controlled greenhouse. And if you grow in a temperate or northern climate, darken the greenhouse in time. She has an average flowering time of 10 weeks but faster phenotypes can be found as well. Grow her in a fully controlled indoor environment with an LED lamp for the best results.

It is a uniform and stable CBD strain. The plants grow quite evenly and during the flowering phase it is also noticeable that the bloom structure of the different phenotypes shows many similarities. The Haze/Skunk parent used for this cross clearly shows that she has transferred certain dominant traits. As soon as flowering has started, the plants have wonderful aromas.

By week 3-4, the formation of the buds is already well underway. And the development of the resin layer also starts early in the flowering phase. The buds eventually get really sticky and resinous. The amount of trichomes may be greater than you would expect. The buds of CBD Skunk Haze have the same appearance as a traditional photoperiod cannabis strain. It is a strain with a very good flower-to-leaf ratio and there are only small thin Sativa dominant leaves in the large flowers. This makes cutting very easy and fast.

The thick layer of resin and trichomes also makes this a very suitable strain for making cannabis concentrates or cannabis oil. It is a medium-sized plant that, due to its relatively limited stretching phase, is very suitable for various growing methods such as a SOG or SCROG. Most plants extend into the flowering phase for about 3 (up to a maximum of 4) weeks.

Her plant structure is best described as medium, the internode spacing is short to medium and the leaves have a structure that carries more Sativa-dominant characteristics, thin and long with very thin leaf blades.

The genetics used for CBD Skunk Haze guarantee the following properties:

A Sativa-dominant hybrid CBD-rich cannabis strain
Vigorous and strong plants with a demonstrably high CBD content and average THC percentage
Resin-rich buds with a good flower-to-leaf ratio and a strong spicy aroma with sharp Haze notes of pine and citrus
CBD Skunk Haze is an easy to grow CBD rich cannabis variety. You can grow this lady with all kinds of different cultivation methods and she does well in an indoor garden but also in a controlled greenhouse.

Effects of CBD Skunk Haze
CBD Skunk Haze has a unique high and comfortable effect. After a good vape/smoke session you will feel happy, stoned, satisfied and stress free. The effect is both physical and mental, but remains controllable at all times. Although you are (slightly) under the influence, you can still think and function well. Something that will usually no longer be possible after smoking a strong THC-rich strain.

It really is something you should try once. Then you may also understand why so many people appreciate these CBD-rich 1:1 strains. The effect of the CBD Skunk Haze is clear, uplifting and energetic, it also gives you a real ‘body high’ but a slightly relaxed variant. You stay sharp and focused.

The CBD in this strain brings a new dimension to cannabis’ analgesic properties. It also ensures that people who have made their own cannabis oil from this can ‘medicate’ themselves while still maintaining a certain clarity. It is a very relaxing experience in itself and this feminised CBD cannabis strain is suitable for both medical and recreational users.

The flowering time of CBD Skunk Haze
CBD Skunk Haze has an average flowering time of about 10 weeks. There are also phenotypes that can be just a little faster, around 8.5-9 weeks, especially when grown indoors under ideal conditions. She tends to be more Sativa-dominant, which results in beautiful large flowers with little foliage and a good flower-to-leaf ratio.

She can also be grown in a greenhouse, but in temperate climates it will take until late October/early November to finish flowering. It is therefore recommended to start darkening the plants as early as the middle of July. As a result, she will be ready for harvest at the end of September, beginning of October. Both outdoors and indoors, this CBD strain produces resinous buds that look great and are quite sticky!

The yield of CBD Skunk Haze
CBD Skunk Haze is a medium to high yielding plant. In a good indoor grow she will be able to yield around 400-500g/m2. Don’t harvest her too early, as that can lower your yield. Certainly during the last 2-3 weeks, quite a lot of weight is added.

During this ripening phase, the buds harden well and become firm/compact. She has been given an XL mark due to the large buds that this strain develops in a stable growing environment. CBD Skunk Haze can be grown in a SOG with an average pre-growth period.

This of course also depends on how much space there is between the plants and how big you want them to grow. She also does great in a SCROG, her slender leaves and strong branches make her well suited for this. You can get the highest yields from this strain in a SCROG. But you can also just grow her naturally and let it grow freely. Either way, she will provide you with a delicious harvest.

Advice from our experts
CBD Skunk Haze is an easy plant to grow. If you want to get the highest yield from her, we recommend topping her in the vegetative period. This will make her grow the side shoots much faster and give you a more evenly distributed field of buds. Even if you grow her in a SCROG, topping the plants is recommended.

She also likes a not-too-high temperature. If she is exposed to this, she can sometimes start ‘foxtailing’ a bit more. For the most beautiful buds, keep the maximum temperature between approximately 27-29 degrees. And preferably with a stable 20-22 degrees as night temperature.

Information on CBD Skunk Haze
In 2012, Dutch Passion partnered with the CBD Crew to develop a range of feminised cannabis seeds, all of which are rich in the cannabinoid CBD. A variety with more than 4 percent CBD is considered CBD rich. Typically, cannabis has a THC content of between 12 to 21 percent and a CBD content of 0.1 to 0.5 percent. CBD Skunk Haze is on average between 5-10% CBD and about the same amount of THC.

CBD has a number of important properties; it can help you relax/counteract nausea and makes it easier to fall asleep. CBD strains allow medical users to self-medicate while still maintaining a clear head and functioning normally. For recreational users, the CBD varieties are a milder, but no less pleasant, alternative to the common varieties.

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