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Why should I buy CBD Mazar feminised seeds?
CBD Mazar is a potent cup-winning photoperiod CBD strain with compact buds and a very favourable flower-to-leaf ratio. This CBD-rich variety has a very high CBD content (10-15%) in combination with a low THC content (under 1%)

She produces thick resinous buds that are packed with trichomes. This makes her ideal for making cannabis oil or other cannabis concentrates

CBD Mazar produces strong, robust plants that thrive in an indoor grow or controlled greenhouse. This cannabis strain is known for her high quality CBD-rich buds and high yield

CBD Mazar is a ‘CBD-light’ strain available in feminised seeds, suitable for both medical and recreational users. The relaxed and clear high produces a soothing body effect that allows you to dream away and enjoy the moment
CBD Mazar, the Indica dominant CBD cup winner (1st place) at the 2022 Highlife Cup in the Medical CBD category
CBD Mazar proudly took 1st place at the prestigious Highlife Cup. This happened at the Highlife Cup in 2022 (organised by Soft Secrets). CBD Mazar won the Medical CBD category. Exactly where this variety belongs! The judges loved the compact buds and unique terpene profile.

CBD Mazar has an earthy aroma with notes of spice, pine and a little citrus and flowers. The taste is similar to the smell and very tasty
This CBD-rich cannabis variety has a dominant earthy aroma in combination with spices, pine and a hint of citrus & flowers. Some phenotypes lean more towards an earthy kush with sour undertones, while others give off more of a piney and spicy scent. The taste is usually also earthy, slightly sour and spicy. Sometimes with a floral note on the inhale and more citrus fruit on the exhale.

The 5 most common terpenes are myrcene, pinene (alpha and beta), limonene and caryophyllene. These 5 most dominant terpenes, along with a host of other (minor) terpenes give our CBD Mazar her extraordinary aroma and flavour profile. The buds also have great bag appeal. Her compact and frosty looking buds are a real feast for the eyes. And they can get really hard & dense!

CBD Mazar is a CBD-rich strain with a 10:1 or even 15-25:1 ratio of CBD:THC, this ‘CBD-light’ version has a relaxing effect
CBD Mazar is a unique CBD-rich cannabis strain with a low THC percentage. The high CBD-level provides a soothing effect and due to the extremely low THC level, the high cannot be called psychoactive. You will therefore not (or barely) get stoned from this.

The most obvious feeling after consuming this strain is a calm, relaxed mental state. You get the proven healthy CBD content without the intoxicating effect of the THC. Very suitable for beginners or people who cannot tolerate the ‘high’ of THC-rich cannabis strains.

What kind of cannabis genetics are in CBD Mazar exactly?
Dutch Passion crossed the sativa-dominant bestseller CBD Charlotte’s Angel with one of the most stable Dutch Passion strains, the classic indica-dominant Mazar. CBD Mazar contains slightly less CBD than CBD Charlotte’s Angel, but it doesn’t make much difference. CBD Mazar produces about 10-13% CBD, but the THC content is always below 1%.

On average, CBD Mazar contains about 0.4-0.5% THC. This classifies this strain as ‘cannabis-light’, a form of CBD-rich cannabis that allows the buds of this strain to be sold legally in some (European) countries. Think of Switzerland, or Italy, for example, where the THC percentage must be below 1% and 0.6% respectively.

CBD Mazar is more Indica dominant and this results in a faster flowering time and a more compact bud compared to CBD Charlotte’s Angel. Commercially very interesting, easy to manicure and with a large yield.

CBD Mazar is a commercial Indica dominant CBD variety with strong robust branches and super compact flowers. She is very suitable for the SOG growing method and easy to manicure
CBD Mazar is an Indica dominant hybrid CBD rich cannabis variety available in feminised seeds. Due to the worldwide success of our CBD Charlotte’s Angel and the resulting demand for comparable high-quality CBD strains, we started working with this variety. The goal was to create a more compact and faster flowering CBD variant of our multiple cup winning Charlotte’s Angel.

By passing on indica properties to this medicinal variety, Dutch Passion has ensured that the flowering phase is 1- 3 weeks shorter than CBD Charlotte’s Angel, so 8 weeks instead of 9-11 weeks. Outdoors, she is usually ready for harvest at the end of September. Potential yields are usually in the “Large” category. The buds are hard and firm.

The terpene profile leans towards the earthy, kush, and spicy end of the spectrum. Since this plant is quite resinous, it can be used to make extracts and oils. Because of her compact buds, she is also quite easy to manicure – both by hand and with a machine.

Picking the buds is quick and the round convex tops are easy to trim with a trimming machine. She also has nice bag appeal because of this. Commercially a very interesting CBD strain.

She not only has the looks of a top variety, but also the smell and taste are very popular with growers. She is more kushy and earthy but has a fruity citrus touch, sometimes slightly sour and fresh with a piney undertone.

Very strong and penetrating. It is a stable and uniform CBD strain that grows easily with a nice compact plant structure. This is a variety that produces beautiful dark green leaves with thick fingers.

An appearance typical of our Mazar genetics and her Afghan genetic origin. She does well indoors, but this variety can also be successfully grown outdoors or in a greenhouse. Keep in mind that she prefers to grow in a warm and dry climate.

She does not like high humidity, and extra attention should be paid to this towards the end of flowering – in all grow rooms/conditions. Grow her indoors with a LED light or with HPS for the very best results.

Her plant structure can best be described as compact to medium. The internodal spacing is small-to-medium and the leaves have a structure that carries more Indica-dominant characteristics – large, broad and thick-fingered.

The genetics used for CBD Mazar guarantee the following properties:

An Indica-dominant hybrid CBD-rich cannabis strain with super-compact buds
Powerful and robust plants with a demonstrably high CBD content and a low THC-percentage
Resinous buds with a good flower-to-leaf ratio and a nice terpene profile, the buds are also easy to manicure
CBD Mazar is an easy-to-grow commercial CBD-rich cannabis variety. You can grow this lady with all kinds of different growing methods and in a wide variety of conditions.

Effects of CBD Mazar
CBD Mazar has a pleasant high and a very relaxing effect. The soothing high is extremely comfortable and makes stress disappear like snow in the sun. This CBD strain is a kind of ‘cannabis light’ cannabis strain. This means that due to the extremely low THC percentage, the high is not (or hardly) psychoactive.

The effect is driven by the high CBD content and provides a more physically relaxed effect. CBD Mazar can help you relax, it can also help with nervousness & joint pain and may make it easier for you to get a better night’s sleep.

As with other CBD-only varieties, Dutch Passion CBD Mazar allows both recreational and medicinal users to self-medicate yet still maintain a clear head and function normally in everyday life or completing mundane tasks.

If you have never experienced this before, or if you want to try out a strain as a novice grower/smoker but want to be careful with THC-rich strains, then CBD Mazar is just the job. She is the ideal strain for the novice grower/smoker to become acquainted with the cannabis plant and the healing/relaxing effect.

The flowering time of CBD Mazar
CBD Mazar has an average flowering time of about 8 weeks. There are also phenotypes that can be found just a bit faster, around 7.5 weeks, especially when grown indoors in perfect conditions. She is a strong hybrid cannabis strain with Indica dominant characteristics. The branches are thick and strong, the leaves broad & large, the flowers compact and hard. In addition, she has an excellent flower-to-leaf ratio.

She can also be grown in a greenhouse, but in temperate climates she takes until around late September or early/mid October to finish flowering. In the more southern and warmer regions, CBD Mazar will flower earlier and in most cases will be ready for harvest in mid/late September. She produces sticky resinous buds both outdoors and indoors that look great and can grow quite compact!

The yield of CBD Mazar
CBD Mazar is a medium to high yielding plant. We have classified her with an ‘L’ harvest rating, but she can certainly considered XL. In a good indoor grow she will average around 400-500g/m2. More is possible in the hands of an expert. Especially when grown in coco or in a hydro system. CBD Mazar is best grown in a SOG setup.

But she also does great when grown in the natural way, possibly with growing techniques e.g. topping and/or FIMing, super cropping etc to allow her a little more width. Outdoors (in a warm and dry climate) and in greenhouses, she can be grown both in the open ground and in pots. Yields here can range from around 250g to 750g per plant. Due to the compact hard buds, she has a higher yield than you would normally expect from a plant of this size.

Advice from our experts
CBD Mazar is an easy cannabis strain to grow. All in all she is suitable for beginners as well as experts/commercial growers. This is a photoperiod cannabis strain available in feminised seeds that grow well indoors under artificial light as well as in a greenhouse. This can be done in both a controlled and an uncontrolled greenhouse.

Although as a hobby grower in more temperate climates you will have to be careful if you grow her in an uncontrolled greenhouse. She does not like high humidity, particularly towards the end of bloom. Dehumidification is therefore strongly recommended.

Outdoor growers in warmer and drier areas, for example around the Mediterranean (or similar climates), can easily grow this strain. For outdoor cultivation, a shelter, which protects the plant from the rain, is highly recommended. Some ventilation using a fan is also a plus. Preferably keep the humidity well below 50% during an indoor grow, around 35-40% is ideal during the late flowering phase.

Information about CBD Mazar
The need for high quality CBD strains with little THC (<1%) is still increasing. Dutch Passion could barely keep up with the demand for CBD Charlotte's Angel, the leading CBD strain in the industry. That's why we added a new strain to the collection of high CBD/low THC seeds. Get to know our cup-winning CBD Mazar now!

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