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10 seeds per package, 5 seeds per package


Skunk#1 x Big Bud

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In & Outdoor



Plant height


Average Yield

450 – 550 g/m²

Flowering Period

8 – 10 weeks

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Happy Relaxed Flavor


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Headaches Stress Grow Difficulty


Label traditional THC value

15% – 18%

CBD value

0.1% – 1%

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For those searching for the old school, road kill, dank cellar aroma with a sweet yet sour funk, need to look no further. B-52 seeds are perfect for beginner growers who want potency, big yields and off the chart dank flavors. You will feel like you are on board a B-52 jet about to take off, after a few dabs of extracts produced from this hybrid.

B-52 Feminized is an indica dominant hybrid that was created from old school Skunk lineage. Expect pungent, dank, musky basement aromas with a pine sweetness, with THC levels testing up to 18%. An easy to grow strain that reacts extremely well to plant training with a flowering time of 9-11 weeks, and does not require much maintenance once flowering.

By crossing two vintage Skunk strains, we were able to create B-52. Using Skunk #1 known for her fast flowering time, with Big Bud which as the name suggests was a mass producer, the result is a large yielding hybrid with an indica dominant appearance and effect. A wise choice for first time growers thanks to her high resilience and low maintenance.

She is well suited for small grow spaces thanks to her medium height and low maintenance requirements. Thanks to this lady’s indica dominance, internodal spacing will be short, meaning she is an excellent candidate for plant training such as topping and fimming. Once flowered, she will not stretch much, and will require only 63 days.

B-52 Feminized is a great strain for smaller indoor spaces, and those limited to height as she grows with a short but bushy growth structure.

Outdoors, B-52 seeds will grow into large-sized plants with huge fan leaves. Once flowering begins, she will not stretch much, and will remain a low profile and discreet strain. Insects and bugs do not seem to bother with B-52, and once planted can be left to grow with little maintenance.

Due to her long flowering time of 9-11 weeks, growers who experience a hot climate with long seasons will have the most success with this hybrid.

Fungal resistance
B-52 seeds will have a high resistance to heat stress, heavy winds, cold nighttime temperatures and a strong repellent to insects and animals.

Flowering time
Depending on the phenotype, some plants will be ready to harvest in 63 days, and others a few weeks later. Both phenotypes are big yielding, and both will finish around the same height and width, however the indica dominant plants will be the first to harvest.

We advise planting B-52 seeds outdoors in May and to give them between 63 and 77 days.

Flowering times will vary depending on where you live, but most plants will be ready for inspection around the second week of October.

She is a big producer which is capable of yielding 550 g/m² (1,8 oz per square foot). The buds will grow with a fat, shiny and dense characteristic that becomes wrapped in bright orange hairs.

Outdoors in a hot climate with plenty of sunshine, yields of 750 grams (26.5 oz) per plant can be harvested. For the biggest yields and best quality buds, keep the plants in a South-facing location and do not move.

Plant height & structure
Despite her long flowering time, B-52 seeds will grow with a strong indica dominance and produce short, stocky and Christmas tree shaped plants.

There will be one main central cola with short and thick side branches, and plants will finish around 90-100 cm (35-39 inches) when harvest time comes around.

We recommend allowing B-52 seeds to be trained around the 4th week of the vegetative stage. Topping and pruning will remove all the lower growth, and dramatically increase airflow and fresh air around the plants.

If growing in a Sea of Green, then do not apply any training and flower the plants after 10-14 days of vegetative time.

Smell, taste, and effect
What is exceptional is how dank she smells and retains the old school stench that made Skunk strains so notorious. The aroma of the plants when drying is eye watering and intense, and the dried buds are far more aggressive and in your face! We always like to warn our customers that this cultivar is so aromatic that extra care must be taken when drying, and curing and especially in public.

The flavor of B-52 is much more herbal, with a strong skunky earthy base with a slight gassy and dank edge. Skunk and Kush fans will certainly appreciate the wild flavors she brings to the table in both flower and extract form.

This world-class hybrid is very similar to the Boeing B-52, she was named after because she can get you very high and then come crashing down with an indica thump zapping all energy. An incredibly well-balanced effect that users will find to reflect the full scale of indica and sativa, however due to her powerful onslaught, we advise smoking this lady at night.

At first, the effects are cerebral and upbeat, shortly followed by a slow burning physical effect that will cause your eyelids to become heavier over time.

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