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V 6-8%

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Auto THC-Victory seeds are the world’s first autoflowering THCV cannabis seeds. Expect around 6-8% THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) and a similar amount of THC in the dried buds. This medium-yielding THCV autoflower strain grows from seed to harvest in around 11 weeks indoors with 20 hours of daily light.

She grows easily in all different grow mediums/grow methods. Outdoors or in a greenhouse, Auto THC-Victory may take one week longer.

These THCV autoflowering cannabis seeds produce beautiful buds with a rich aroma. They are the easiest and fastest way to grow THCV rich cannabis. The medium THC levels ensure a moderate psychoactive high.

The effects are not as intense as those from a 20% THC strain, but the presence of such high THCV levels in combination with THC make for a deeply enjoyable and satisfying experience. The effects feel euphoric, energetic, uplifting, focussed and clear. The THC can definitely be felt and complements the THCV in a unique and particularly pleasing way.

Creating the world’s first THCV rich cannabis strains has been a huge achievement for the Dutch Passion team of geneticists. Mahmoud Hanachi, Head Geneticist for Dutch Passion, explains more:

“Combining rare archived cannabis genetics from our gene bank with years of patient selective breeding has allowed Dutch Passion to produce stable THCV photoperiod feminised seeds (THC-Victory) as well as autoflowering THCV seeds (Auto THC-Victory).

THCV is an important new cannabinoid and the subject of huge medical and pharmaceutical interest. It’s a great technical achievement to be the first cannabis seed company to make these seeds commercially available to growers of all types.

Whenever we encounter new minor cannabinoids in small percentages, we try to elevate the relevant minor cannabinoid to at least 4-5%. We then consider the variety to be “rich” in this cannabinoid. Latest examples of our work with minor cannabinoids are CBG-Force/Auto CBG-Force (high CBG) and Auto CBD-Victory (high CBDV).”

Dutch Passion are pleased to announce the autoflowering THCV cannabis seeds. Get your Auto THC-Victory seeds while (limited) stocks last!

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