Dutch Passion – Auto Northern Dragon Fuel




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Super Sativa Seed Club


Indoor, Outdoor & Greenhouse


Very High

To harvest

10-11 weeks

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With this classic new strain we wanted to offer SSSC’s growers a blast of authentic old school Afghani weed flavour combined with the convenience of a reliable autoflower. Auto Northern Dragon Fuel is the result of a cross between a landrace Afghani, the legendary Northern Lights and an original SSSC autoflower selected from our large gene pool.

The Afghan dominant parents are very productive and potent. These characteristics are clearly present in Auto Northern Dragon Fuel. This lady grows vigorously from autoflower seed to harvest in just 10 – 11 weeks indoors and shows outstanding resilience in tricky outdoor climates.

Despite being one of the most famous strains of all time, the precise origin of the Northern Light parent is impossible to determine as it was never documented. The story goes that an American grower called “Indian” and the legendary “Neville” both made contributions to the creation of this multiple-award winning Indica dominant variety.

Auto Northern Dragon Fuel produces good sized plants reaching up to 1m-1.5m tall with a typical Xmas tree structure. Large yields of around 500g per m2 are common so you’ll be rewarded with a royal harvest of sticky resinous and compact buds. Expect very high THC levels for an autoflower, well over 20%. This gives an uplifting high that will change into an intense but pleasant stone when you continue smoking or vaping.

Many test growers informed us that they particularly enjoyed growing this strain because of the pungent, penetrating Afghani aroma which reminded them of their teenage years thanks to the ‘blast from the past’ rich old-school Afghani flavour. All in all, Auto Northern Dragon Fuel is a perfect autoflowering cannabis strain to relax and burn off the edge in our busy everyday life!

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