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Afghani Kush


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Why should I buy Auto Night Queen feminised cannabis seeds?
Auto Night Queen is a potent Indica-dominant autoflower with a quick flowering time of just 10 weeks.

This autoflower is easy to grow and does not require any special growing techniques or feeding schedules to achieve a great end result.

Auto Night Queen is a THC-rich autoflower with a thick, sticky resin coating, ideal for making hash, oil or other cannabis concentrates.

Her compact buds are really hard and have a pungent earthy hash aroma sometimes with sweet, fruity notes and a powerful numbing effect.
Auto Night Queen won 1st prize at the Highlife Cup 2016 in the autoflower category.
Auto Night Queen has an earthy Kush aroma with pine-like and sometimes fruity sweet notes
Auto Night Queen has a typical classic ‘Afghani-Kush’ aroma, very powerful and pungent. She has a rich, thick and strong smell of hash when smoked. The thick trichome coating of this autoflowering strain is just as good as that from the photoperiod Night Queen variety.

The aroma is best described as earthy mixed with notes of pine, incense and fruit. The Afghan heritage from the Mazar-i-Sharif Mountains makes for a compact plant with very hard white buds.

There are also phenotypes that are a bit sweeter and fruity with a light earthy background. These phenotypes are also incredibly powerful and give a heavy effect when smoked in a joint, a characteristic that suits cannabis strains from this region.

The buds get quite thick and dense, some are really “rock-hard” after drying and will bounce off the table if you drop them. In short, a classic Dutch Passion Indica dominant auto to love!

Auto Night Queen is a resin-infused THC-rich autoflower with a powerful knock-out stone
Auto Night Queen is a hit with Indica fans looking for a sticky, potent Kush autoflower with a powerful knock-out out Indica high. This Indica dominant autoflower strain produces one of the highest resin concentrations we’ve ever seen in an autoflower.

These are very bushy, compact plants with rock-hard buds, which is why even the smallest plants can provide good yields. It is a plant that is very easy to cut and provides a lot of “sticky resin”, ideal for making finger hash.

She is easy to grow and does not require any special feeding schedules or growing techniques to achieve fantastic end results. The THC content averages between 15-20% and is very close to that of the photoperiod version of this strain.

What exactly are the genetics in Auto Night Queen cannabis seeds?
Auto Night Queen® is an autoflower based on our photoperiod Night Queen, a highly resinous variety. It’s one of our strongest indica’s ever with a THC content of over 20%. She won 1st prize at the Champions Cup Malaga in 2015.

Auto Night Queen® continues the family tradition of producing above average, premium quality, sticky Kush yields. To create Auto Night Queen®, we crossed a specially selected clone of the original photoperiod Night Queen with a dark autoflowering Afghani “Mazar-i-Sharif” Auto Mazar hybrid from our gene bank.

This autoflower hybrid has everything you could want from an Indica-dominant auto, a fast flowering time, compact bushy plants, compact full buds with a thick layer of trichomes and a very pungent aroma! The strong body high hits quickly and is very powerful and long-lasting.

Auto Night Queen is a compact Indica-dominant autoflower strain with very hard buds and a thick layer of glittering trichomes
Auto Night Queen is a beautiful cannabis strain with firm buds and great bag appeal. For fans of hard sticky Indica dominant buds, this is simply the ideal autoflower!

Her unique terpene profile in combination with the powerful effect ensures that even the most experienced ‘stoners’ will enjoy it endlessly.

This Indica dominant autoflower can provide very high THC levels in a variety of growing conditions. She grows well in all types of mediums and is incredibly quick and easy to grow due to her Indica background. Phenotypes are known that take only 9 weeks to grow from cannabis seed to harvest and fully ripen.

She generally grows in a compact structure with a nice large main bloom surrounded by many heavy side blooms. Although the plants remain small, the blooms will become heavy and thick anyway.

The flower-to-leaf ratio is excellent, making her easy to harvest and trim. Make sure you wear gloves while cutting because the thick layer of resin literally sticks to everything!

The clippings are really excellent material for making hash, cannabis oil or other cannabis concentrates. It is certainly not one of the largest autoflower varieties, on the contrary, the plants generally remain a bit more compact and smaller in stature.

They have a bushy appearance which is very typical of Indica’s with an Afghani-Kush heritage. Some phenotypes can already start producing flower hairs (pistils) within 3-4 weeks. These cannabis seeds grow and flower very quickly!

Auto Night Queen is best grown indoors under a 20/4 light schedule, but there are also growers who use a 24/0 schedule. She also does well outdoors, but needs a very sunny place to achieve her full potential, preferably without shade.

She does well in pots as a balcony plant or in an open garden. Preferably choose the hottest months to grow her outside, so that she can grow as large as possible and not be held back by cold temperatures.

The genetics used for Auto Night Queen guarantees the following properties:

A compact bushy autoflower with very hard buds
A fast flowering time of 10 weeks on average and a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio
Highly potent THC-rich buds with a thick sticky layer of trichomes and a unique pungent Kush aroma
Auto Night Queen is an Indica autoflowering strain that is easy to grow, doing well in the hands of beginners as well as experts in a variety of media and growing conditions.

Effects of Auto Night Queen
Auto Night Queen is one of the most potent autoflowers we’ve seen, with a heavy and long-lasting stone popular with medical and recreational users alike. It is a strong variety with a powerful effect that is perfect for kicking back and relaxing.

It is mainly known for its anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects. Smoke a little more and you will discover that for the next several hours you will want to do nothing but chill. It is also known that this strain can provide a real appetite boost.

Auto Night Queen is a resinous autoflower with a powerful effect on mind, body and soul. The rich hash notes come into their own when smoked. The effect is strong and long-lasting whether you smoke or vaporize the buds.

The effects are both mental and physical, but the physical high is strongest. It is an Indica effect with good feedback from medical users for its purported anti-pain properties and can assist a restful night’s sleep.

The flowering time of Auto Night Queen
Auto Night Queen attracts growers looking for maximum potency. This usually compact autoflower will not grow taller than 100cm. In most cases the plants will grow to around 50-70cm with an average flowering time of 10 weeks.

There are phenotypes that are ready for harvest within 60-65 days. But we usually recommend always giving them the full 10 weeks. It is the perfect variety for any home or professional legal grower looking for a fast compact autoflower with a very high level of quality.

Outdoors, Auto Night Queen can take an average of 10-13 weeks to fully ripen. This of course strongly depends on the weather conditions in your region. The warmer and drier the climate, the faster it will ripen. It is the perfect autoflower to grow on a sunny balcony or in an open garden without shade. It can also be grown in a low poly tunnel or greenhouse, but always ensure sufficient ventilation.

The yield of Auto Night Queen
This strain can provide very good yields. Really big harvests are possible, especially in a SOG grow with smaller pots. She can also be grown with only a few plants per m2. When grown in small pots, this auto stays a lot smaller.

For the largest possible plants we recommend to germinate her and plant directly in an airpot (or root pouch) of around 20-25 Litres.

On average she can yield around 450-500 grams/m2. But with the right cultivation method and knowledge, yields of 600 g/m2 can also be achieved. When grown outdoors, yields of 100-150g per plant are not uncommon in good conditions. In the slightly lesser, colder climates you will average between 35-75 g per plant.

Advice from our experts
Auto Night Queen is an easy plant to grow. Her Afghani background makes for a strong, robust plant that can take a beating. Ideal for the novice grower. We don’t recommend topping or fimming the strain.

In terms of leaf removal, we recommend keeping this to the minimum as well. If you want to do this, do so only after the stretching phase is over and the plant stops growing in height. Due to its compact bushy structure and fast flowering time, it can require all its leaves to maximise photosynthesis.

If you grow her outdoors in the more northerly regions, it is recommended that you put her under a shelter during days of heavy rain and cold temperatures. Due to the very compact bloom structure, she can be quite susceptible to mold and bud rot during late flowering. When she is grown in a greenhouse or polytunnel, you will have to ensure good ventilation at all times.

Indoors, we recommend keeping the humidity below 50% from the start of the flowering phase, with preferably around 35-40% humidity in late flowering.

Information about Auto Night Queen
Auto Night Queen can show great colour during the flowering phase. The large, thick fan leaves are often the first parts of the plant to be affected. The leaves can darken and she can develop purple and blue tones on both the leaves and the buds. In addition, she often has bright orange pistils and a thick white layer of trichomes which give a beautiful appearance!

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