Dutch Passion – Auto Elephant




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Super Sativa Seed Club


Prize Winner


Very High

To harvest

13 weeks



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Looking to grow an autoflower that really is the undisputed king of the jungle? Elephant Autoflower is the heavyweight feminised autoflower from the Super Sativa Seed Club. With monster sized buds, Elephant Auto will soon become your favourite. THC levels are very high, up to 20%. What makes this one so unusual are the high CBD levels, of up to 10%. Combined with high-end THC levels, you can expect a super chilled smoke/vape experience with a stress-busting high that makes you feel on top of the world and very relaxed. The uplifting sativa genetics and powerful head high from the extreme THC levels combine perfectly with the superbly relaxing CBD physical effects. Autoflower breeding at its finest!

Elephant grows tall for an autoflower, in optimum conditions she can reach 1.5 or even 2m in height. Yields are heavy, 500-600g/m2 is possible under good conditions. From seed to harvest Elephant Autoflower can take around 12 weeks indoors. Occasional phenotypes can take an extra week or so, but they reward the grower with exceptionally heavy harvests. The preferred indoor light schedule is 20 hours of daily light. The high really is powerful, but the presence of elevated CBD levels makes this one of the most relaxing and mellow feel-good autos that you will have ever tried. THC and CBD combine to provide enhanced enjoyment whether you are a recreational or medical user. You will love the tasty terpene profile, with a fresh citrus taste and a peppery/spicy aroma. Also grows very well outdoors.

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