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Latin America


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12-15 weeks

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Why should I buy Auto Desfrán feminised seeds?

• Auto Desfrán is a THC-rich Sativa-dominant autoflower with a complex terpene profile and a unique clear up-high. The effect is very energising and uplifting

• It is a robust and tough autoflower that thrives in a wide variety of conditions. She can be grown both indoors and outdoors (and in greenhouses), and she is also suitable for guerrilla growing

• Auto Desfrán is the ideal strain for true Sativa enthusiasts who appreciate the unique effect of a pure Sativa, but are looking for an easy plant to grow

• These cannabis seeds take an average of 12-15 weeks to fully mature from seed to harvest. The autoflower variety has a compact hybrid structure and a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio

Auto Desfrán has a sour and fruity tropical Skunk aroma and a sweet, earthy and spicy taste, a unique terpene profile to enjoy!

Auto Desfrán® is a Sativa-dominant autoflower strain with beautiful compact buds and an abundance of white trichomes. The strain usually has a sweet and sour tropical skunk aroma with notes of lemon, apple and pear.

Some phenotypes have spicy notes of cloves and aniseed. The scent is very complex and can best be described as a very layered terpene profile. Her buds don’t smell like a standard cannabis strain. She’s quite pungent, especially when you smoke her in a joint or vape. The taste of Auto Desfrán is mainly fruity, sweet and earthy.

The earthy skunky character is often just a bit stronger in the taste than in the smell. Sometimes spicy notes can also be discovered. All in all, a very special autoflowering strain with a distinct smell and taste that will amaze you!

Auto Desfrán is known for a very potent, psychoactive ‘up’ high

Auto Desfrán is a great autoflower that has managed to retain the unique characteristics of South American Sativas. The smells and the flavors can be quite intense. This bushy auto treats the connoisseur to a tasty adventure. This compact Sativa can sometimes produce beautiful coloured purple phenotypes.

The buds are firm with a favourable leaf-to-flower ratio. But it’s the high she’s so prized for. If you are looking for a wonderfully powerful Sativa-dominant up-high, then you should definitely give our Auto Desfrán a try!

What kind of genetics are in Auto Desfrán?

Based on genetics of the legendary jungle sativa Desfrán, Dutch Passion has developed one of the best autoflowers ever. The pure sativa genetics of the photoperiod Desfrán have been converted to an autoflower by crossing her with the sativa dominant auto genetics of Auto Daiquiri Lime.

Desfrán, whose original photoperiod genetics consist of Destroyer x Destroyer, is a beautiful South American Sativa that is renowned for a very clear, energetic up-high. This new sativa-dominant autoflower hybrid has ensured that the best sativa traits have been preserved.

The strong sativa influence of this strain ensures a fairly long flowering time for an autoflower, up to 15 weeks from seed to harvest. But the true connoisseur won’t mind waiting a few extra weeks for the extraordinarily strong smoke quality with a strong psychoactive high.

Auto Desfrán is a special Sativa dominant autoflower with a powerful, clear up-high – it is a robust and tough plant to grow

Auto Desfrán is a very special Sativa dominant autoflower. It is a cross between our Desfrán and Auto Daiquiri Lime. Despite these Sativa-dominant parents, Auto Desfrán is a fairly compact autoflowering plant.

If you are a beginner looking for a true Sativa plant with a unique Sativa high that is still easy to grow, Auto Desfrán is the plant you are looking for. This strain was developed with the aim of bringing a true Sativa experience to customers, but without the difficult aspects of growing pure Sativas.

Experienced growers may see these difficult traits as an advantage, but for beginners growing a true Sativa is always quite a challenge. They are known for a growth pattern that is difficult to predict and manage. As well as more difficult to understand and dose in terms of nutritional needs.

Dutch Passion’s geneticists have ensured that the most sought-after traits, such as a highly energetic and clear up-high, are retained. Auto Desfrán also has a very favourable flower-to-leaf ratio.

The buds look beautiful with only small thin ‘sugar leaves’ that are full of trichomes. In addition she is also very resilient and robust. She has good resistance to mold/rot and she is less susceptible to diseases and pests.

This makes her suitable for outdoor cultivation and guerrilla cultivation. Indoors under LED lights, she naturally also does very well. By selecting her mainly for the effect, other external characteristics have been pushed to the surface.

Besides being a lot more compact than you might expect, Auto Desfrán can also produce coloured phenotypes. There are even phenotypes with purple colours in the buds! Her plant structure is characteristic of a compact hybrid. The leaf structure is actually much more Sativa than Indica.

She has a compact structure with short thick branches but large leaves with relatively slender fingers. Her internode distance is short to medium. Most buds grow together beautifully and the main bud can become large. All flowers become heavy and firm to the touch.

The genetics used for Auto Desfrán guarantee the following properties:

A compact hybrid autoflower with a Sativa leaf and bud structure and a euphoric, energetic and clear up-high

A very resilient and robust autoflower that is easy to grow

Auto Desfrán produces beautiful buds with a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio and high potency.

She combines a high resistance with a high yield. Auto Desfrán has a unique terpene profile with sweet and sour, fruity, tropical and spicy notes. A real treat for the enthusiast!

Effects of Auto Desfrán

Auto Desfrán has a very powerful and energetic high. It is absolutely not a couch-lock strain, this strain is therefore less suitable for smoking shortly before bedtime. For beginners, the psychoactive high can sometimes be experienced as too strong. It is an almost-pure Sativa experience with a clear head-high.

In addition, Auto Desfrán gives the smoker a pleasantly euphoric up-high. Great for daytime use and can promote creativity without causing paranoia, it is certainly not a trippy high. It is the ideal strain for getting things done, because it gives you focus and energy. Auto Desfrán is therefore also a good strain for social events.

However, the physical effect is minimal and will not make you really stoned or physically tired. The effect is strong and lasts for a long time. It is a potent autoflower that can provide even the experienced user with a strong long lasting high.

The bloom time of Auto Desfrán

These autoflower cannabis seeds take approximately 13-15 weeks from seed to harvest. If you are looking for the ultimate Sativa experience and the 15 week cycle is no problem for you, Auto Desfrán is the right choice for your grow room.

She averages around 1 meter in height, but smaller phenotypes can be found as well. When grown in a small pot, she usually stays smaller and flowers a little faster. Allow an average time of 90-100 days from seed to harvest for indoor cultivation.

Outdoors, Auto Desfrán will take approximately between 100-115 days from seed to harvest. She does great in the ground but can also be grown in pots. Place her in a greenhouse or polytunnel for best results.

Because she is robust and tough, she can also be grown as a guerrilla plant. Keep in mind that outside she usually takes a little longer, in the wetter and colder areas she can be delayed by about 1-2 weeks. But she is well worth the wait!

The yield of Auto Desfrán

Auto Desfrán is mainly grown for quality and unique high rather than yield. It is an ideal variety for Sativa lovers and connoisseurs. This auto has an XL yield. On average, she can produce a yield of around 450-500g/m2 indoors. She does need a little longer for this than the average autoflower.

She also produces a lot of resin and trichomes, which makes the buds extra sticky. Outdoors, she can provide good yields averaging between 25-100g per plant. The highest yields are possible when grown in a greenhouse or polytunnel.

This strain does well in sunny areas with high temperatures, make sure to germinate/pre-grow her directly in the final pot. Then you are assured of the largest plant and largest yield. These autoflower seeds also do well in more temperate climates due to their resistance and robustness.

Advice from our experts

Auto Desfrán is an autoflower strain that does not require any special growing methods/conditions. She grows just fine the natural way. It is the perfect Sativa for grow rooms where space is limited.

This lady is almost pure Sativa in effect, but has the appearance of a compact, medium size Indica. This makes her an ideal plant for a SOG grow as well. If you want to achieve the highest possible yields we recommend that you give this method a try. She also produces an exceptionally pungent aroma.

That is why it is smart to provide good ventilation and an extraction system (with carbon filter). Extra odour control during the end of the flowering phase and during harvesting is an absolute must.

If your Auto Desfrán turns out to be bigger than you expected, you can always bend, snap or ‘supercrop’ her. This will cause her to grow a little less in height and you’ll end up with a flatter, more level, field of buds. Furthermore, this autoflower can also be grown with LST (Low Stress Training), in case your space is really very limited.

More information about Auto Desfrán

Auto Desfrán is a compact bushy autoflower with a medium to high yield, but every bud is worth its weight in gold. Due to her pure Sativa properties, she has a very powerful energetic high.

It’s a clear ‘uplifting’ effect which makes this strain highly suitable for daytime use. It is also a great strain for a wake and bake. It hits quickly and powerfully and the effect lasts for a long time. Are you looking for a true Sativa experience? Then don’t wait any longer and grow our Auto Desfrán cannabis seeds now!

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