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Why should I buy Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel feminised seeds?
• Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel produces big and chunky flowers, she is known to produce a solid yield. The buds have an amazing bag appeal and the frosty nugs can go as high as 20-25% THC in optimum conditions.

• This is a strong and easy to grow autoflower strain. She is a real hybrid becoming compact to medium in size with relatively short internodes and massive flowers.

• Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel has a strong and pungent fruity, Diesel dominant aroma and taste. She has sweet and sour tones of oranges, tangerines and limes making it a very complex terpene profile.

• It’s the combination potency and yield that makes this an interesting strain for commercial growers. The fast seed to harvest time of around 11 weeks comes in handy as well. Expect a powerful high that can hit quite hard, its hybrid effect is long-lasting and very enjoyable!

Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel has a strong diesel like aroma with hints of jet fuel and oranges, the taste is quite sour and fruity with tones of citrus, tangerines and grapefruit
Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is a strong hybrid autoflower. This lady is one of our strongest autoflower strains so far with a delicious blend of powerful Diesel scented buds complemented by a sweet, fresh, citrus taste.

This strain will surprise you with its incredibly pungent aroma that reeks like diesel, jet fuel and burnt rubber. Although the aroma is mostly diesel like, with chemical and sour tones, there are also fruitier phenotypes to be found.

These plants have an excellent aroma too, with hints of citrus, lime and grapefruit. The taste of this variety is also quite fruity and sour, with mostly a citrus and tangerine taste on the inhale and a more spicy, piney, chemical taste on the exhale.

Some phenotypes can smell sweet and sour at the same time, like grapefruit candy. It is hard not to like this! It’s truly a complex flavor profile suited for connoisseurs!

Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is a potent autoflower variety, with a good yield ideal for commercial growers
Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is a very potent and high yielding autoflower. It’s not hard to grow making her suitable for both beginners and experts. Because of these fine characteristics this autoflower weed strain has become the go-to variety for commercial growers. Done within a reasonably short time frame and the buds are completely covered in sticky resin bursting with THC-rich trichomes. These flowers are also great for making your own cannabis concentrates.

What kind of genetics are there in Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel?
The finest autoflowering strains are produced by combining the best features of elite parent genetics. Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel combines the legendary USA THC monster Bruce Banner with the universally popular Lemon OG.

This consistently potent auto variety combines the same extremely high THC levels and yields as the photoperiod version. This is a great autoflowering strain for commercial growers, the good yield in combination with the insanely high-quality flowers makes this an overall winner. If you are looking for potent and chunky autoflower buds then look no further, our Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is all you need!

Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is a hybrid autoflower strain with chunky flowers and a thick layer of trichomes, these buds have a high THC content
Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is an autoflowering variety that develops dense and potent buds in generous quantities, making this a great strain for commercial growers! It’s an autoflowering version of the photoperiod Bruce Lemon Diesel and based on the legendary New Your City Diesel genetics. This classic USA weed variety is well known for its pungency and high-quality flowers, fitted for any weed lover.

This autoflower is a hybrid strain that seems to be leaning mostly to an Indica, but it comes close to a 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid. It’s quite easy to grow indoors and outdoors and is known for its chunky flowers and heavy crop. The plant usually gets a big and tall main cola that is surrounded by many decent sized side-cola’s.

Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel has a good calyx-to-leaf ratio, the flowers don’t contain much leaf material – making her both easy to trim and manicure. The buds are covered in resin and have a white glister. These shimmering buds sparkle like diamonds!

She maintains an excellent diesel aroma and a citrus taste of grapefruit, tangerines and a hint of spices. This autoflower grows to a considerable height without branching out too much. Its stature is compact to medium in most cases.

She produces tight buds with outstandingly beautiful orange-coloured pistils and thick trichomes. Its powerful aroma makes the use of a new carbon filter a must for indoor growing. This strain grows vigorously, just like her photoperiod mother. She is rather fast for an autoflower being ready for harvest in around 11 weeks on a 20/4 light schedule.

Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel can get large and heavy, so some form of support during the latter part of the flowering phase is recommended. The sticky buds are great for making cannabis concentrates like hash, rosin, BHO, shatter, wax or glass. She has a short to medium stretch. Most plants stay rather bushy. The plant structure is medium too, showing both traits from her Sativa and Indica genetic background. The internodal distance is short to medium, allowing the buds to grow to epic sizes.

The genetics used to create Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel guarantee the following traits:

• A strong and potent autoflower strain with an extremely pungent aroma and complex taste.

• Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is a compact to medium sized autoflower, she grows rather bushy with big chunky flowers.

• It’s a high yielding strain when grown in optimum conditions, the flowers are very potent and covered in sticky layers of trichomes, ideal to make your own cannabis concentrates.

Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel needs around 11 weeks from autoflower seed to harvest. During this 3-month period the buds can swell to epic proportions, it’s a strain for both commercial growers as well as connoisseurs.

Effects of Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel
Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is a potent and powerful autoflower strain. The high of this variety is both strong and long-lasting. The effect is a hybrid high with both mental as well as physical properties. The effect is powerful and euphoric, perfect for those with creative/artistic tendencies. The indica genetics ensure relaxing body effects which will be appreciated by medical users. A few vapes/smokes of these buds are a great way to dissolve stress and anxiety. The 50/50 blend of indica and sativa genetics delivers a seriously strong THC rich high. This high grows gradually in strength making this a real creeper. It’s definitely strong enough for the more experienced smokers that usually smoke a few joints per day. Not suitable for the lite toker!

The yield from Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel
Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel has a good yield of around 400 – 450 g/m2 on average. When grown in optimum conditions higher yields are possible. This is an USA autoflowering seed variety that does well in a SOG setup. When grown correctly she might even top the 500 g/m2 mark. But this means having all the different conditions on par.

Outdoors the plants will yield around 25-150g per plant on average. This is of course hugely influenced by the climate and the hours of sunlight they receive. It’s the perfect plant to grow in a patio or on a sunny balcony. Make sure to give her a decent sized pot when growing outdoors. She likes some room for the roots to develop. Plant can reach around 75-100cm on average, but taller phenotypes have been seen.

Advice from our experts
Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is a vigorous autoflower strain with a medium stretch. Plants stay fairly compact but can occasionally grow into tall plants, especially in good growing conditions. We would recommend the use of organic nutrients for the most tasty and dank buds. The pungent character will be developed best when you grow her fully organically. Indoors she likes the spectrum of white light LED growlights.

Using a UVB light to top up her THC-levels can be done by the most demanding consumers. Don’t be surprised if this lady can then hit THC-levels close to 25%. It’s a seriously potent strain. Smoke with ease, don’t overdo it, and above all enjoy the ride!

Information about Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel

Easy to grow indoors or outdoors with heavy crops of potent, dense buds which combine the best of the 1990’s with some very special modern USA-genetics. Our Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is truly a modern USA classic!

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